Do you know give you free Bitcoin daily?

By hgminh | sharingvaluablethings | 6 Dec 2020 is one of famous Cryptocurrency Exchange platforms with many innovative financial services.

In this post, I don't introduce you on the exchange platform, I only want to show you one feature that you may like, it is the function of earning Free Bitcoin Daily.


Yes, with, you can earn your free Bitcoin daily with the fixed amount is 400 satoshi, and the minimum amount for you to withdraw is 10.000 satoshi. 

One important thing I like from this free BTC program is that there is no popup ads at all. I really hate the Popup Ads on faucet websites.

To get your free BTC with, you simply complete these tasks:

Firstly, you sign up an account on, verify your KYC. Its process is quite simple and verify very fast.

Once your account gets verified, now you can click on the menu Free Bitcoin by navigating => More => Free Bitcoin.

And then, you complete daily learning missions showed on that page and get satoshi for free. Each mission takes 60s to be completed and then you do the captcha, and get your 60 free satoshi.

The missions are very simple such as watching videos or reading articles, and even you just open it, let the tab open 60 second and then come back the main page to verify the captcha and get your free BTC.

And now, you can visit daily to complete its missions and get your 400 satoshi free daily.

And you can also do more financial activities with, you can trade your Cryptocurrencies, you and stake and and so on.

Last but not least, you can earn more free Bitcoin by referring other people using to get Free BTC or trading cryptocurrencies. When your referrers using, both he/she and you get more benefits. And I am writing this post also want to refer you using to earn free BTC daily, if you don't mind, please click on my referral link to sign up with, and we both get benefits.

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Enjoy earning Free Bitcoin without Popup Ads.


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