Roro Cordova Cebu
Roro Cordova Cebu

Roro Cordova Cebu

By leejhen | shared photos/Foods/Nature | 28 Jun 2021


Last May 11, 2021. I decided to went and visit the Famous Roro in Cordova Cebu. You will never get lost going there as it is a very well known place.

Just wondering what's up with this place that many people really like to visit and hangout with.

Then later I found out that Roro is a Famous Food Court or Restaurant in Cordova that is located in Roro Port Road.

food court for everyone.

We can also see in here the Famous Third bridge that connected from Cebu to Cordova.

Sadly I went at night that I did not able to captured the surroundings. It is located near the sea. Well I will surely come back next time and capture the sunset.

But as for now let me show you all what's in there.


The place is not that very fancy like a five star Restaurant. But people keeps on coming back.

So what's in here? That people like it very much? Let's go and explore.


I cannot count how many food stalls and Restaurants are there. This one caught my Attention. The boneless Lechon lol.

So I decided that we should eat at Chef Dave's Restaurant.


There are variety of Foods that can be chosen. And the picture above are one of them. Can you see that round meat? That is the boneless Lechon Belly.

Lechon means it is Grilled. And very yummy to taste. Packed with different spices inside it's belly.

That Seashell that you see is called "Saang" here in our place.

People mostly eat this shell Grilled then dip in a very hot and spicy sauce. But I did not choose Saang .


Because I choose this Scallops. One set of order is equals to 60 pesos or $1.2.


There's a Squid also and it's up to you what kind of cooking would you like your squid will be. But I didn't order this.


I ordered Shrimp instead. This Plate of Shrimp cost $3 or 150 pesos in my fiat money.


I also ordered these Crabs. We called it "Lambay" in here. They are already pre cook in a boiling water. It is ordered by two piece on a Sizzling plate for only $2.5 and I ordered two sets. I take out the other one for my Mom.


And this Milk Fish was also for take out. My mom likes fish very much. It is only $3.6 and It is cooked Grilled but I did not able to take a picture because it is take out.


This is what it looks like there. A very simple food court for everyone. Near the sea. That tables and chairs is for two people only.



We finally found our table. The place is fully packed with people. But some other stalls don't have many customers. Just here in Dave's Grill only.



This is the view on its side. It's near the sea and you can smell the fresh sea air. Because it's very Dark this is the only Photos that my phone camera got.

And because it's a Port there is some small boats. Maybe for the fisherman to catch fresh Seafoods.


And this is the cut pork Lechon belly. It's skin is very crispy and the meat is very tender and tasty.



Their sauce is very awesome. I like it very much. It's complete with spices including red chili. Their vinegar is very spicy too.


This is a kind of seaweeds. We call it "Lato" in here. It's very delicious Especially with vinegar, calamansi and spices.

But don't wash it unless you will eat it. Because the moment it will be wet with water. It will melt later on. It's really delicious blending with the oiliness of the pork belly.


And this is now the Sizzling Crabs!


Very yummy because it is cooked with complete spices on it. It's sweet and saucy. It may look spicy but it's not. Next time I will request a spicy one.

And this is what it looks like. I managed to video the crabs for a few seconds. Sizzling hot crabs in a Sizzling plate.



And this is now the cooked scallops with cheese. So tender and very cheesy in taste.


If you have noticed I really like seafoods. Crabs without Shrimps will not be complete

The Sizzling Saucy Shrimps. Has complete spices and very delicious. But again it's not spicy hehe.


And guess what is it? Rice in a coconut leaves. Cooked through Steaming. They don't have cooked rice. That is the only available.

We called it "poso". I guess this is only available here in Cebu.


Look at the spices that served. It is in the small plate for sauce. They are complete that makes the sauce very delicious.


And I love my new Vivo phone. The camera is very nice and the pictures are very colorful and alive.


After eating we walked for a little bit and I saw this stall of corn dog. And remembered that Jhrenrose and Nalzen asked for it.

This corn dog was cooked deep fry in a very hot oil.


And I saw this fresh mangoes. So I ordered mango shake and the kids love it.



And these are now the corn dog coated with creamy sauce. And the mango shake is very fresh and refreshing.

We went home with a smile of satisfaction in our face. We enjoyed and loved the foods.


I will surely go back in Roro and captured the sunset in there. And I will still share it here.

Thank you for being with me in this Journey of Foods and Travel.


leejhen 💞

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shared photos/Foods/Nature
shared photos/Foods/Nature

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