Part 2 Caohagan Island Adventure

Hello Friends hope all of you are well and fine. Today I will be posting the part 2 Island Adventure. The Tree house

The tree house looks so cute and cool. My daughter said there is someone living in there. This is their Teacher❤️


This is their Teacher he likes Photography too. Taking pictures especially nature.Her classmate

The sea is very clear.Her classmates

They are enjoying the view taking pictures everywhere. 1804fd41e93484dc2ec735a76f404c766be8509aee3608da68cf750254091f37.jpeg

The sea is tempting making you wants to swim. 1b87edc9737fff4c3c19f446c15626e7f93e47c419ca3d85d7cfaf3659f8f35e.jpeg

They are so happy bonding with each other. My daughter is the one who is wearing a brown blouse❤️39f045ed330beebddd81b633d4d7384b2ced307a479c471a9e71338a4a683dee.jpeg

A happy Island Adventure ❤️


They are playing Hide and Seek❤️ Enjoying while still young and cherish the moments of Friendship ❤️

Thanks for reading my friends.

Tomorrow I will continue their last Escapade together ❤️

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