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A Tour To Remember:6th Destination"Sirao Garden(Cebu Little Amsterdam)"

A Tour to Remember:6th Destination"Sirao Garden(Cebu Little Amsterdam)

By leejhen | shared photos/Foods/Nature | 20 Jan 2021

The Flower Destination at Buwakan ni Alejandra had ended with a Bloom.

Here comes another Flower of Attraction. That will surely captured your eyes.

We're ready for our 6th Destination....


Welcome to Sirao Garden!!!! Cebu Little Amsterdam.


Oops where am I? haha. At the back! poor me.

It is located at the Beautiful City of Busay here in Cebu.

And oh I forgot to mention that all of our Tour had an entrance fee but I didn't know how much. As our CEO was the one who paid for it.

Probably it will not cost more than $2 dollars or 100 pesos each per person I guess.


Yay! There I was. Now at the center.

During this Tour There are many Foreigners from different places. There's a Filipino like us. Of all the Destination I visited this one had many tourist visitors and next is the Temple of Leah which is I'm gonna share later, that's our last Destination.


The moment we entered the little Amsterdam fresh flowers greeted our eyes.


They are Beautifully arranged and aligned. Especially the plants which is perfectly trimmed.

As you can see we need to go down to explore and enjoy some view. It's surrounded with Mountains too.


I'm capturing it at the second floor of the souvenir shop. Beautiful mountain view. I think they are still improving the place.

And I guess by now the flowers is fully bloom, and the place improve for the the best.


This heart design is made for selfie purposes too. Most especially Family photo or lover's photo. But we didn't have a group selfie in there haha.


Before we go down and explore the place we take a group selfie on the Logo name of Sirao Garden. They preferred it here.


The place smells good. Smelling the fresh air and flowers.


This is the Souvenir Shop but we didn't went inside. Our CEO liked to have a group selfie above.


Just wow!!! A windmill like souvenir shop. I really love the view, it was amazing!!!


Well his decision is right. It was a nice view from up there. Overlooking the view down is very fascinating. Hmmm I don't know that pose lol.

You can clearly see the flowers and Plants Beautifully swaying by the wind.


Selfie before going down. I missed this days and the people whom became my friends. It was so nice to have this pictures as a memory of the past. A beautiful memories.


Miss Universe pose of the Powerpuff Girls. At this point in time my cellphone was totally low battery. I didn't take much photos only my friends. And I'm feeling tired and sleepy too.


I like this one but I don't know what's the name of this green plants. That's Rochelle my friend and we are her photo bomber. Just take a pose at the back. Say cheese hehe.


I like this one but I don't know what's the name of this green plants. That's Rochelle my friend and we are her photo bomber. Just take a pose at the back. Say cheese hehe.


From green scenery to a pink flowery one. It's a very nice view. Loving the flowers that surround us. Oh there's a sunflower at the back. I didn't able to capture it. It's very beautiful and huge.

And the mountains at the back added a great view.


Change location hehe. We are getting farther. And play hide and seek lol. But kidding aside it was very beautiful in there. We became the Flowerpuff Girls.


Only Jovy was left haha. We are hiding. She didn't found us lol. But this orange flowers are very pretty.


This place is very beautiful but I don't know why it became blurred.


After our photo taking our CEO called us to relax under the photo booth. Yeah up above is a photo booth frame. Correct me If I'm wrong I will call it this way.

So relaxing in here and windy. Feeling the cold air touches our skin giving us a tingling sensation.


And because it's so windy. My hair dance with the wind too. Missing this chubby body. My hair is messy and I'm sleepy, but I'am happy.

This once in a lifetime tour Experienced. Will forever be in my heart and memory.


Tsaran!!! Surprised with my messy hair and face. But never mind me. I'm promoting the view and the Beauty of Cebu.

This is the photo frame booth I was telling. People will lined up in order to have a picture taking in this booth.

It's a hollow, You will just posed inside and click the camera. It is as if your inside the real frame.

And the Tour to Sirao Garden Cebu Little Amsterdam ends in here....

Thank you for being with me...


leejhen ❤️

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shared photos/Foods/Nature
shared photos/Foods/Nature

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