The Tears of a Clown

By clubby | Shady Ave Micro Farm | 27 Oct 2022


Here at good 'ol Publish0x we had a contest at the beginning of the year sponsored by BitYard about predictions for what would happen in crypto in 2022. One of my predictions was that Meta was going to fail hard based on all the other failed products that Facebook has put out over the years and also, nobody wants that crap on their head for an extended period of time! Here is what I had to say about Meta in the article:

5. Meta (a.k.a. Facebook Reborn with Oculus headgear)

There's been a lot of 'digital ink' spilled all over social media in the past year about Mark Zuckerberg's "metaverse" which, thus far, looks like a sterile 3-D trap that was result of an unholy malt-liquor infused tryst of Roblox and corporate hellhole Zoom meetings. I've been watching lots of 'crypto influencers' gush on and on about how game-changing and revolutionary Meta is but I get the feeling that its a lot like re-hashed V.R. garbage that's been peddled since the mid 90's. I'm not going to bash on it too hard but to me it is shaping up to be another wonderful Facebook failure like Parse, Poke, or Slingshot which have all ended up in the dustbin of tech history. I think what is going to make or break Meta will be how much control big tech exerts over it. If it turns out to be another heavily censored social media playground replete with blocky avatars I don't think anyone is going to bother with it. I've been around long enough (and around the block TWICE) to have seen this "O.M.F.G. this chunky headset is going to help me finally escape my horrible incelexistence through virtual reality" pushed out the door before and it did not impress me then - let alone now. For some reason I can't stop thinking about when Origin pushed out the Ultima Online 3-D client back around 2001 that my friends and I logged into for a whopping three minutes before going back to the 2-D masterpiece. "New" doesn't always mean "Good" and sometimes it is just another tragedy that gets foisted upon you because Corporate doesn't even bother testing it before they are shoving it down your throat because its the "next big thing." Wasn't Facebook supposed to launch a cryptocurrency that was going to revolutionize everything and work with Meta? It looks like that has been swept quietly under the rug much like FB's foray into making an Alexa clone to compete with Amazon.

I am currently watching the Cramer hisself crying about how he misled people into buying Meta and how he is very sorry for that.

Hey, why doesn't that douche nugget apologize for all the other bad calls he made over the years? Something very strange about that, eh?

Let's not be too hard on him. He has made some marginally decent calls over the years... 


(You can find more "quality" *cough* memes like this on my Twitter feed!)

Of course, this one WAS NOT one of those calls! 


(Meme courtesy of Mostly Peaceful Memes on Twitter)

Oh, I can't wait to see this turd fully flushed down the crypto bowl of watery despair! How long will it take to go to ZERO?

Zuck ain't looking so good either... Maybe it's from partaking in a lil smokeage of the Methaverse?


(Posted by Christian Bello on Twitter)

How's it trading today you ask?


(Chart_Porn courtesy of TradingView)

Doesn't look so hot, does it? I think this is where we are headed fast!


As always - BUYER BEWARE - you know the drill. This ain't financial advice. It's common sense!

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