One World Nation - NFT Play To Earn earn USDC Daily, Free NFT to My Followers

By ShadowCrypto | Shadow News | 21 Mar 2023

One World Nation OWNCryptoVerse NFT Play To Earn game to play for free and earn USDC Daily

Free NFT to My Followers


I have 50 Free nfts to distribute to my followers, grab yours and play for free and earn crypto.

Go to my Video, the code for your Free NFT is in the description, Only 50 NFTS available :)


One World Nation - OWNCryptoVerse game NFT Play To Earn to play for free and earn USDC Daily, check how it works.

Real game, real money, real crypto!
Play Fantasy League and Prediction linked to crypto markets, Earn in stablecoins not Shitcoins || Earn daily USDC rewards 💰

One World Nation (OWN)
Welcome to the cryptoverse. Play, win and build a crypto civilization.
At One World Nation (OWN), we are gamifying the Crypto ecosystem to power the Crypto space. People can play fun games on cryptocurrency markets, earn lots of rewards and learn more about cryptocurrency in the process.

We spent many hours explaining the Crypto ecosystem to our colleagues, friends and family and it was hard! Native cryptocurrency concepts like - DeFi, wallets, APYs etc. are not very intuitive for people. So for a new user, the crypto journey becomes very complicated. This is made even more difficult due to a lot of FUD associated with Cryptos in general. Cryptocurrency enthusiasts face the 'crypto markets trilemma.

The good: Big money can be made in the markets
The Bad: Difficult to learn how to make money on the Cryptocurrency Markets
The Ugly: Very Easy to Lose Big Money in Cryptocurrency Markets.

At OWN, we want to turn this Trilemma into an opportunity, gamifying the Crypto ecosystem. Gamification helps people easily understand complex products and creates a fun and smooth experience for them. At OWN, we believe that we will change the way people feel about the crypto ecosystem and make it easier for them to accelerate their journey in the crypto world.



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