BirdBro is a hyper-deflationary token with rewards for its holders, the new 1000X MEME TOKEN

By ShadowCrypto | Shadow News | 7 Apr 2022

BirdBro is a hyper-deflationary token with rewards for its holders, used in Metaverse and GameFi with its own NFT Marketplace

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Coming soon Audit




You can buy crates in the game:

  • • You can trade your boxes
  • • You will be able to open and find letters
  • • Each box contains something different with rarity levels.
  • • You will have a control panel to manage your boxes.

Bird Bro Box Token Sale

Token Pre-selling is a practice performed by some crypto projects ahead of an initial coin offering, in which tokens are sold to interested parties at a certain price.

BIRD BRO is a completely decentralized and community-driven pro- ject free of ownership,
shareholders, promoters, directors and other centralized entities enforcing governance. BIRD BRO
smart contracts are open-source, security audited, permanent, and entirely unchanga- ble.

Serving strictly as a utility token in jurisdiction, BIRD BRO should not be considered a security
or regulated token ofany kind, and is not cate- gorised as a fiat/asset backed stablecoin.

Holders and traders of BIRD BRO claim to have read the correct techni- cal, regulatory and legal
advice prior to viewing this Whitepaper or the BIRD BRO website, thereafter accepting the inherent
risk in accessing or using any form of blockchain or crypto technology, token, platform, and
interface and further acknowledgeswith full disclaimer the full po- tential for loss and damages


BIRD BRO is a project that seeks to bring a new game to the public, to the players and with that to
reward players with prizes, bringing to the project NTFs such as NFT Mys-
.tery Box

The boxes contain several rari- ties, rarity levels diPerent from each other, the BIRD BRO eco-
system is totally focused on the NFT Game seeking to sim- pIiÇ the way to play and earn

With the objective of helping the birds looking for institu- tions that can receive the values
donated by the commu-

BIRD BRO Systems:

Meme token that rewards its holders and NFT game, Mys- tery Box NFT.

Meme game with many birds, skins, daily missions.

Boxes with rarity cards, skins, objects and many rewards.

$BIRDBRO Web Wallet
Web Wallet to view all BIRD BRO balances

$BIRDBRO Mobile Wallet
Mobile Wallet Android & iPhone to view all BIRD BRO

Marketplace Img


TOKEN Network Symbol Supply
BIRD BRO BNB Chain $BIRDBRO 3 Quadrillion

Hard Cap So6 Cap Maximum Minimum 216 BNB 150 BNB 1 BNB 0.1 BNB

BIRD BRO projected net supply currently stands at 3 Quadrillion, being prioritised as a
decentralized usage rewards mechanism. The more $BIRDBRO is actively in use, the more rewards are

BIRD BRO offers investors a platform where they can increase their crypto earnings simply for
holding $BIRDBRO. The project uses a financial model and intelligent coding to deliver token
reflection earn- ings to every holder. Moreover, the project integrates a fully self-sus- taining
model designed to increase the user base and build a strong community.

BIRD BRO maintains a robust fees model that charges multiple types of fees on all buy and sell
trades. The tax from transactions is used to reward holders and fund marketing/development,
ensuring the meme token takes flight.

If the community wants to change some fee, we can remove or add a fee, for example we can reset the
Marketing fee, we can reset other fees if the community wants to.
Fees are important to investors, burns are important too.


Phase 1
Launch Social Media Sites Launch Token Website Contract Token creation Contract PreSale creation
Apply for Listing On Partners Marketing
2,OOO telegram members 1º Airdrop Registrations

Phase 3
2º Airdrop Registrations Increase marketing Website Adjustments
Listing on smaller exchanges
Bridge with ETH Mainnet

Phase 2
Launch on PancakeSwap 40% Start Burn
WhitePaper 1.0 Release
2,0OO holders
Apply for Listing On CoinGecko Apply for Listing on CoinMar- ketCap
1º Airdrop Sent
Token Audits
2O,OOO telegram members
2O,OOO holders

Phase 4
Bridge with MATIC Mainnet 2º Airdrop Sent
$BIRDBRO NFT GAME 500,000 holders
$BIRDBRO NFT MYSTERY BOX Listing on major exchanges 1OO,OO0 holders 2OO,O00
Telegram Members 1OO,OOO telegram members $BIRDBRO Web Wallet
$BIRDBRO Mobile Wallet
Telegram Group
Telegram Channel






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