Why everyone get loss in crypto trading. Lets find who is the enemy💪🧐

By shaan5233 | shaancrypto | 26 Sep 2019

Hello friends here i am with my new post. In this post we will see why we always get loss in crypto trading. we will see reason and solution


Reason Of Losing in  Crypto Trading 


According to me there is two point. 1) Normally in crypto because of 2017-2018 bull run people are expecting too much. I had seen in some telegram people were talking about 100x from shit coins . I am not telling this is not possible but only for few good projects and it will take time. One thing we should keep in our mind that this time bull run will be different it will be only for few good projects. 

2) we always blindly believe on youtubers and telegram groups this is the major reason of loosing money. Normally people buy the coins which were posted in telegram group or the coins which was suggested by youtuber no one want to do analysis. i had seen in many peoples loosing their money by following the shit signals. the most stupid thing they do is they buy the premium membership of fools crypto telegram group. there are 85% people who are loosing their money by following their signals 




Firstly we should be optimistic not too optimistic. Don't invest in coins just because it is in dip search for good coins like BAT IOTA etc. the most important thing don't follow any telegram groups signal if u love your money than do your own analysis neither it is 100% guranteed that u will loose money . Stay away from shit coins ( soon i will post a list of good coins ) 


Hope this will help u in trading. If u like my content than do follow my blog here i provide weekly update, tips and good projects review.

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i am full time crypto investor. I had experienced both bullish and bearish market i can teach many thing to people


Hey i am full time crypto trader. Hope u all will like content. I had learn from my mistake so i will share it with u so u will not do the same mistake. My english is not soo good so plz focus on content

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