Why everyone get loss in crypto trading. Lets find who is the enemy💪🧐

By shaan5233 | shaancrypto | 27 Sep 2019

Hello friends here i am with my new article. In this post we will see should we invest in ALT coins now or should wait for bottom price


Should We Invest In ALT Coins Now


Yes this is the right time to invest in ALT coins. Almost all ALT coins is in dip some are 10x down even some are 30x down. Always remember one thing every one will buy again but they will buy when price will 3x or 5x up. This is normal behavior when there is buying time people thinks that everything is finished all coins are dead and when coins starts moving they buy when they should sell . I don't want u to make this mistake select some good projects with real users don't buy shit coins because the harsh reality is that 90% ALT coins will dead and it is going to be happen because most of the coins are just promising that they will do something in future. I mean to say 90% ALT coins is in development phase. So if u love your money than invest in good projects ( soon i will post the list of good coins ). This is the best time to invest in ALT coins Be greedy when others are fearful'. 


Can We Catch The Bottom Of The ALT Coins.


NO, U can never catch the bottom. Normally we can just buy the dip so don't try to catch the bottom try to catch the dip. we are currently in dip that's why i am saying this is the right time to invest in ALT coins. I am not saying that now coins will not dump it can dump more 50% or 80% but if u are holder than u will get a good return. Normally what i see people keeps buying and selling in hope of getting bottom price but in reality they just loose their money. So be smart and do your own research before investing in any coins.


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i am full time crypto investor. I had experienced both bullish and bearish market i can teach many thing to people


Hey i am full time crypto trader. Hope u all will like content. I had learn from my mistake so i will share it with u so u will not do the same mistake. My english is not soo good so plz focus on content

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