Top undervalued coin for huge gains.

By shaan5233 | shaancrypto | 23 Sep 2019

There were above 2000 crypto projects listed on coinmarketcap. Most of the coin will die my personal view only 10% project will survive. so it is very difficult to find good undervalued projects. Here i had find 1 good coins with good team and good fundamentals.

1. Reserve Right Token (RSR) = The Reserve protocol comprises two tokens: the Reserve token (RSV - a decentralized stablecoin) and the Reserve Rights token (RSR - a cryptocurrency used to facilitate the stability of the Reserve token and confers the cryptographic right to purchase excess Reserve tokens as the network grows).  The team's goal is to make the most accessible, economically strongest, and most robust-to-attack currency and over time, convince a large portion of the world to replace other currencies with it.

In simple word rsr is crypto which will facilitate a stability of rsv stable coin like (DAI)

I am suggesting this coin because its partners coinbase ventures , paypal and many more


Soon this coin will give huge returns currently only rsr coins is available but the good news is rsv (stable coin) will release in Q3 2019 . According to roadmap amd many  things is coming.

Note = Fundamentally this coin is very strong it can give easliy 3x or 4x profit in midterm 



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i am full time crypto investor. I had experienced both bullish and bearish market i can teach many thing to people


Hey i am full time crypto trader. Hope u all will like content. I had learn from my mistake so i will share it with u so u will not do the same mistake. My english is not soo good so plz focus on content

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