By shaan5233 | shaancrypto | 26 Sep 2019

Hello friends here i am with new post. Today i am going to discuss why i think ALT will rise again.


Every One is Saying ALT Coins is Dead is it True.


Unfortunately they are 90% right. Because one thing we should keep in our mind that 90% ALT coin will dead u can see many are already dead. we have now above 2000 crypto coins in which i think only 100 coins are worth in investing. 90% coin will die because they hadn't delivered anything yet most of the coin even the coin which is in top 50 are just promising that they will release something in future currently they are in development phase and people are just blindly investing in such projects with too much expectation ( I Don't Know Why ). 


Why I Believe Some ALT Will Rise And Will Give Good Profit.


We should always keep one thing in our mind that we will never see now bull market like 2017-2018. Now the situation is different no doubt we will see bull market again but only for few and best projects ( soon i will give the list of best coins ). Remember one thing king is BITCOIN institutional money will come first in king only. After that they will choose some legit and useful utility tokens. Retail investors won't be able to bring the bull market its all in the hand of institutional investor or whales. So why would they will invest in dead projects. One thing i am repeating don't think it will be like 2017-2018 this time it will be different . I am seeing in telegrams group that every one is expecting too much from dead projects. 

I am fully confident that ALT will rise again but not all. so invest in good projects only don't buy every coins just because they are in dip ( soon i will give the list of best coins ).




Before investing in any project do your own research . If u liked my content than follow my blog here i provide crypto updates and review of some hidden gems coins.




i am full time crypto investor. I had experienced both bullish and bearish market i can teach many thing to people


Hey i am full time crypto trader. Hope u all will like content. I had learn from my mistake so i will share it with u so u will not do the same mistake. My english is not soo good so plz focus on content

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