Martingale Strategy x50 up to x165 V2 - btc dice strategy

Hello today I introduce you to my x50 up to x165 btc dice strategy V2.

the goal of this strategy is to hit the randomly selected multplier x50 - x165 within hundred rounds.

If this does not happen the bot changes to a chance of 49% - 55% and so on, see backup chance.

After that it starts again from the beginning.

for this 7h session the base bet is 0.00000004 btc 

start balance: 0.0137 btc - higher is always better, right... 

--- set chance range % ----

--- main chance
mina   = 00.60
maxa   = 01.98
chance = math.random(mina*100.0, maxa*100.0)/100.0

--- backup chance

minb = 49.00
maxb = 54.9

minb2 = 55.00
maxb2 = 58.00

minc = 60.00
maxc = 64.00

mind = 70.00
maxd = 75.00

--- start bet ----

base    = 0.00000004

nextbet = base

--- Calculates the multiplier automatically
function getmulti()
return payout/(payout-1)

function dobet()

if win then
chance = math.random(mina*100.0, maxa*100.0)/100.0
bethigh = true
nextbet = previousbet*getmulti()

if (currentstreak)<-100 then 
    chance  = math.random(minb*100.0, maxb*100.0)/100.0
    nextbet = previousbet*getmulti()+0.00001050 -- 100 lost rounds based on startbet
if (currentstreak)<-102 then 
    chance  = math.random(minb2*100.0, maxb2*100.0)/100.0
    nextbet = previousbet*getmulti()
if (currentstreak)<-103 then 
    chance  = math.random(minc*100.0, maxc*100.0)/100.0
    nextbet = previousbet*getmulti()-0.00000550

    if (currentstreak)<-106 then 
    chance  = math.random(mind*100.0, maxd*100.0)/100.0
    nextbet = previousbet*getmulti()-0.00000550


Here you can see the graphic, when the Mulitplier (x50- X165) was hit within the 100 bet rounds.

dice bot bet chart btc strategy

Here you can see the graphic, when the Mulitplier was not hit within the 100 rounds

btc dice bot backup win


btc dice bot


overall statistics of a whole 7h dice bot btc session


btc dice bot


Here are some Streak statistics


btc dice bot


Have fun and win a lot

I do not guarantee an endless permanent win. I like to play btc dice games and don't want to play only the standard strategies.


Free Seuntjies DiceBot:

"any use of the bot is at the user's own risk."

Web DiceBot

Web DiceBot


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BTC and Crypto DiceBot strategy
BTC and Crypto DiceBot strategy

BTC and Crypto DiceBots are programmes to automate betting strategies, such as Martingale. This btc dice bot seems to be the most advanced bot ever made. It has fantastic features that include advanced betting systems, bet graphs, betting history, roll verification and a Programming Mode that lets you program your own dice strategy.

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