Teaching an old dog - my introduction to you

By Serroc | Serroc1 | 24 Jun 2019

I'm learning new tricks, well...new subjects. Definitely new to wrapping my head around all the ways to make use of, earn, and invest in - cypercurrencies. 

Unlike many of my peers (I am 62) I am relatively comfortable with tech and all of the light speed ways that tech evolves and can be used. For example - Publish0x - and a couple of other places, that reward quality content with the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency. I like this concept much better than mining (I cannot afford the equipment or electric bills for effective mining). 

Especially since I am, lately at least, mostly a Writer. 

I wrote "writer" with a capital W, because I have self-published a few books now, and am getting the hang of the whole process well enough that I am teaching others how to do it. And because the California Writers Club - Writers of Kern chapter, have acknowledged me as an "Active" member - which takes into account my self-published works, my work writing two online columns for the now defunct examiner.com, and my years of blogging.

Until this year, I hadn't really thought of myself as a Writer. Before then, if I wasn't identifying as my job title, I would say I was an Artist. Yes, there is that capital A, because I have sold my work and had an art show in Plano Texas, and so I feel it is okay to identify as an Artist.

When I am indulging in art, it is usually oil and acrylic on canvas or board, but I also dabble in digital art, and a little sculpture (which I hope to expand into more exploration with recycled materials). As well as crafting things.

So here I am, and hopefully I will have more to share, besides telling you who I am and what I am trying to learn here.

If you are interested, here are some of my websites/blogs: 

I am also on Narrative.org under the handle @Serroc; where I own and curate the following niches:


Thanks for reading. I will be trying to write regularly here as I get my bearings on the site.


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Artist. Writer. Poet. Journalist. Editor.

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