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Web Design and SEO must work together

A business website is a dynamic thing. It requires monitoring and care and for that it is good to have a few things, always in mind.

It often happens that we give priority to one or two things and ignore the rest or do not manage to deal with the rest. It happens and concerns both our personal and professional life. However, what we leave unattended can be extremely important.

So if we want tangible results in search engines, we need more than SEO. We need good web design. The contribution of web design to SEO and vice versa is more important than many believe. If the two work together smoothly, then users will be able to do what they know best: navigate. Let's see what are the factors that need to work together.

Mobile friendly

Normally we should all know the importance of this parameter. If there is one who does not have a mobile friendly site, he should know that he has to cover a lot of lost ground. For Google, mobile friendliness has been a parameter of the site since 2015. That is half a decade! However, there are still sites that have not been harmonized.

The number of people using desktops is decreasing. Respectively, the number of people who search from mobile phones (and tablets) is constantly increasing. More than 50% of the traffic to a site comes from mobile, which means that whoever does not have a site compatible loses 50% of the potential traffic to their business. The numbers can be large.

A site with a high bouncing rate when it comes to mobile sends signals to Google which can bring it down.

mobile friendly responsive design

Easy to read design

Anyone who has worked on improving a site in terms of SEO can understand the importance of both the content and the way the content is displayed. That is, the design. A poorly designed site can make the life of the user who comes to the site to get specific information very difficult. Pages with content blocks in unusual places, with too many links that do not have a clear purpose, actually drive away the user that you brought to the site with so much effort. After all, what is the reason for someone to come if he cannot find what he is looking for?

We have all come across problematic sites. The problems can be in the choice of colors, in the size of the letters, in the choice of the font. Just as it is with sites that are not mobile friendly, so with sites that are illegible: they drive users away.

The good thing about site designers is that they understand what will "keep" the user and make his life easy, that is, he will be able to consume the content of the site (so that the investment is not lost).

The margins, the sizes, the lines, the images and in general all the elements that compose a site are decisive for how the user is attracted.

Site speed

Do you know what delays a site? Do you know that it is very likely that the delay is due to its design?

The speed of the site is one of the most important parameters, from the technical side of SEO, and is the biggest problem for many sites. If your site does not score well in the rankings, it may be because it is too slow and users leave quickly.

The speed of the page is an important bell which will push us to increase it, improving the images, removing useless plug-ins, allowing the browser to cache it, etc.

Even if we think our site is loading fast, we do not really know how long one is willing to wait. Ideally the site should load in two seconds (2 ”).

When it takes more than three seconds, half the users will probably quit. Loading speed is even more important when it comes to mobile. In this case the users are even more impatient.

Loading speed is also important for Google as it affects its ability to categorize it. The slower it is the fewer pages it can read and therefore rank. When this is done, then it becomes impossible for some pages to appear.

It is also important for the security of the site to have "https" coding.

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When it comes to crawling a site, web design can help in many ways. The site map is crucial for search engines to crawl the site. The map provides the engines with a content guide for all pages and content on the site and allows them to tell which pages are most important. Obviously the bigger a site is, the greater the need for a map. Also, the newer a site is, the greater the need for fast indexing. The map can also help the user navigate as he tells them where to find what.

Gaining user trust

Contrary to some SEO parameters, we really can’t know how much trust users show in our site. However, gaining their trust is something that will lead the site to a higher ranking position. There is no doubt that some people quickly form an opinion and when it is difficult they change it. In recent years we have seen many sophisticated sites which theoretically offer a unique user experience. This is what we expect by opening a site. We want something easy, clean, to give us the information we are looking for quickly. We tend to believe that sites that offer something like this can be trusted.

If a site looks old, neglected or difficult to use then we form a negative impression which on the one hand removes us, on the other hand makes our return more difficult. Even if the product (or service) is exactly what we are looking for. It is a pity that the site does not convey the right impression of the company and its products.

So we conclude that SEO and web design go together and give the best results.

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