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Incorporations Marketplace to launch on the 25th of March

By Chris from SelfKey | SelfKey | 19 Mar 2019

We are delighted to announce that the Incorporations Marketplace will launch on the 25th of March.

The launch marks a milestone in SelfKey's history and a significant step towards a blockchain-powered identity ecosystem. We have been working tirelessly to prepare for the launch, and are very happy with the result.

The Incorporations Marketplace will allow Wallet users to open a business abroad and pay for it in KEY. Needless to say this is the first service of its kind, and represents the first of many verticals. In the coming months we will be adding cryptocurrency exchanges to the Marketplace as well.

Some of the options that will be available are shown (with example prices) in the screenshot below:


Once an application has been submitted, you will be able to track its progress from within the SelfKey Wallet. The different statuses are show below. 

status of application

As you can tell, we're super excited to launch the Incorporations Marketplace on the 25th!

Download the SelfKey Wallet today to see it in action once it's live. 😍 😎

Download the Wallet -> HERE


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Chris from SelfKey
Chris from SelfKey

SelfKey is a blockchain-powered identity management system that aims to give control over personal data back to the individual.


SelfKey is building a blockchain-powered identity management system which gives control over personal data back to the individual.

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