Deploying $100 Million: How Helio Lending Will Use KYC-Chain To Identify Customers
Deploying $100 Million: How Helio Lending Will Use KYC-Chain To Identify Customers

By Chris from SelfKey | SelfKey | 22 May 2019


May 21nd 2019 — We’re delighted to announce that Helio Lending will be using KYC-Chain’s state of the art compliance solution to onboard customers. The Melbourne-based blockchain platform allows people from around the world to access cryptocurrency-backed loans. Impressively, the company is one of the few in the space that operates under the supervision of the regulator.

The simple borrower application and same day approval are game-changers for the industry and unsurprisingly Helio Lending has emerged ahead of the pack. After going through an intuitive onboarding flow, provided by KYC-Chain, borrowers can use Bitcoin, Ether, Ripple, or Litecoin as collateral for their loans of up to 12 months. Importantly, the collateral wallets are insured, meaning that customer funds are protected at all times.

Once the application is approved, borrowers receive the fiat amount deposited straight into their bank account. Then a direct debit is set up, automating the repayment process and allowing borrowers to live their lives.

Helio Lending has $100m USD of loan funds available, and are ready to lend internationally. KYC-Chain’s customer onboarding solution will be crucial in identifying and processing applications from all over the globe.

Managing Director and Founder John O’Shea said: ”KYC-Chain have a great team and lots of IT Support that made integrating their solution very easy.” Going on to say: “Working with global companies such as KYC-Chain has enabled Helio Lending to streamline our client onboarding process.”

KYC-Chain Founder Edmund Lowell stated: “Helio Lending is at the forefront of an exciting new movement. Cryptocurrency-backed loans are one of the best use-cases for digital tokens and we are delighted to be working with the industry’s most exciting player.”

About KYC-Chain
KYC-Chain provides state of the art compliance solutions for businesses of all sizes. Since 2014, KYC-Chain has helped service providers process over 500,000 KYC applications in a cost-effective way. To learn more, please book a demo.

Head of Marketing
Chris Grundy

About Helio Lending
Helio Lending is a Melbourne-based platform that allows people from around the world to use Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple and Ether as collateral for fiat loans. You can find out more on their website.

CEO & Founder
John O’Shea

Chris from SelfKey
Chris from SelfKey

SelfKey is a blockchain-powered identity management system that aims to give control over personal data back to the individual.


SelfKey is building a blockchain-powered identity management system which gives control over personal data back to the individual.

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