ATOMIC Wallet security: big concerns and warnings - I lost 12 coin types yesterday!

Hi all, 

I'm writing this post to bring concerns and warnings to community about Atomic security. I got to know Atomic wallet from Publish0x and started using it since it was introduced on this page. 

I installed Atomic Wallet on my iPhone 6s plus and store and stake several coins. Everyday I log in with touchprint ID to see the coins price up/down. Yesterday, as usual, I logged in my Atomic Wallet with touch ID and immediately all my coins were hiddenly withdrawn without my permission or password request. Checking history, the transactions started from 02:22 PM to 02:54 PM (10/08/2020 Amsterdam time). I was witnessing my coins withdrawn automatically and continuously but could not stop it. The details of the automatic withdrawing transactions were: 

1.  TRX at 02:22 PM

2. VET at 02:23 PM  

3. XEM at 02:23 PM

4. XTZ at 02:23 PM 

5. ALGO at 02:29 PM

6. BAND at 02:29 PM

7. BNB at 02:29 PM 

8. DGB at 02:30 PM 

9. VTHO at 02:30 PM

10. LRC at 02:30 PM 

11. DAI at 02:33 PM 

12. + BNB at 02:37 ( adding BNB, I guessed this deposit for gas fee) 

13. - BNB at 02:53 PM (withdrew left-over BNB which was deposited at 02:37 PM) 

14. ETH at 02:54 PM 

In total I lost all of 12 coins stored in Atomic Wallet. Only coins (AWC, ATOM, BAND) being staked are remaining. 

I unstaked AWC and moved to another wallet, while ATOM and  BAND after unstaking I have to wait 21 days for unbonding process and I don't know if I can get them back after 21 days or the "automatic" hidden withdrawing will be faster than me and get them all? 

I contacted Atomic Wallet customer support but the reply was disappointed with the reason was that this is decentralized and CS could not help, and the issue was forwarded to technical team. I can understand the nature of decentralized transactions: it's gone and can not get back, but I really expect responsibility from Atomic Wallet. Usually we need to confirm our transfer with password/ touch ID confirmation and every transaction takes some time. But in this case, 12 transactions were started and continued right after my login, this rised my big concerns on the security of the Atomic Wallet and expect responsibility from Atomic Wallet. I was really shocked and still can not believe the reality now. Any advice from community is greatly appreciated now. Thank you very much for reading and advice. 



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