How I turned my Father's book into an Ebook with Kindle Direct Publishing

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Today I am going to show you a great tool for self publishers that I found called Kindle Direct Publishing.  This allows for authors to publish their book as an Ebook and keep up to 70% of the sales.  


Self Publishing difficulties

Two Years ago in 2018 my dad went about self publishing his first book.  He had had a couple successful books prior to this but had never been the publisher and got very little of the royalties from each sale.  This was the reason for self publishing his latest title Cid Chalk's Challenge.  To create a physical copy of a book there are a lot of expenses to be calculated such as, the illustrator, printing and advertising.  After factoring in these costs it's very difficult to make any sort of profit off of selling a book.  We first decided to sell on Ebay, however, it cost us at least 3 euro per book to send it out to customers and that is only in Ireland!  Ebay also needed to take a % of every sale so we were back to making little to no profit per book.  This is when I decided to look for different avenues to sell the book.  After some online research I discovered Kindle Direct Publishing which allowed us to turn the book into an Ebook for free and sell on their site. I am going to show you that process now.


Kindle Direct Publishing

Amazon offer this great service to self publishing authors that you should at least consider if you are thinking of launching your own book.  It is a simple to use service that allows you to turn a pdf file of your book into an Ebook.  The first thing you need to do is download Kindle create. After downloading open it up and select new project from file where you then select your pdf file of your book.  


After opening up the project the program will automatically try to format your pdf into the correct layout for your Ebook.   You will most likely have to fix this layout unless you are really lucky.  


It is very simple to change your layout to be the way you want then you can preview your book to show how it will look on a phone, tablet or kindle by clicking the preview button in the top right corner.  Once you are happy with your layout it becomes as simple as clicking publish in the top right corner.  



you then just need to select your price and the % of royalty that you will receive for the book of either 70% or 35%.  The book will then be submitted for review and be available for purchase in anywhere between 24 and 72 hours.  Hopefully this works out for my father and he can self publish his future books the same way without having to worry about publishing costs.  


About the book


This story is about Cid, a piece of white chalk, the hero, along with his friends Peter (logical), Simon (intelligent), Barbara (excitable) and Joan (brave). They live in a school where strange happenings are going on (according to wise Mr Duster)! He says there are noises at night going through the classrooms, no one can explain why! They think he has a vivid imagination, maybe he’s mad, until Mr Duster thinks back over the past – it always haunted him, the disappearance of the schoolteacher. So they all come up with a daring plan of how to get to the bottom of the mystery. “I trembled at the prospect, ghost or human, what do we have to face?!”

The story is set against a backdrop of bad-mannered pupils, a snap-happy teacher and intolerable coloured chalks but comes to a grand finale that everyone will enjoy!

You can buy a copy of the book here if you wish it will be very much appreciated.  


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Self Publishing - The Journey
Self Publishing - The Journey

Join me as I try to launch my father's book and document the different ways of trying to make a successful launch. Hopefully I will have some tips for anyone looking to publish their own book and others can learn from me.

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