Love yourself!

By Shamsun nahar shimu | Self care.. | 19 May 2020

Nowadays people are feeling lonely a lot!

May be this is due to Covid -19 lockdown situation! But I would love to say that never feel alone when you have yourself...

who said that you are lonely!! If you have yourself,then you have everything.

You just need to learn how to enjoy your own time!

Whenever I feel bore! I play a loud music or sing a song loudly!πŸ˜…

Sometimes I take lot of foods like chips, chocolate etc and sit in front of TV & watch a movie.😎

I also love to dance in front of the mirror! And I also appreciate myself that I know such dancingπŸ˜…πŸ˜…

Sometimes I go for a walk!Take a Icecream in my hand, and start walking to nowhere!

You can just sit Idle in terrace & think that how beautiful this world! How calm it feels when noboday is here!

Okay,It is normal to feel sad when you are lockdown for a long time!😒😒

In this moment you just need to take a deep breathe and stay cool!😌

If you are with your family, plan something interesting with them! You can make a good dinner for them, you can play differents indoor game. You can share your previous experiences! Just be friendly!

You can also make some hobbies! Like painting, cooking,poetry.

You can try something new that you have not done before.

You are never alone!You just need to love yourself!

Take love from me!And look for new ways to enjoy with yourself!

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Self care..
Self care..

Taking care of yourself is the thing that we avoid most! But loving and pampering yourself is more important for our health and mind..

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