Wimdy in Upland

Upland the somewhat passive game

By Seglibeast | Seglibeast | 12 Feb 2021

I have played upland for a short while and have noticed that, if nothing else it is a rather passive game that can get you some income. It does have a rather pleasant tone to the game itself and feels rewarding every time you purchase a property. 

A few things I would change in the future about the game would be starting out to uplander transition, as well as the ease of access to contests. Firstly after you hit about 8,000 UPX the game tends to slow down to a crawl and very little can speed it up. On the other hand the game does keep me coming back every few days to check in and see what’s up. The second being the contests, which are many, which seem hard to enter and compete. If these were easier to access then it would make it easier to become a full fledged Uplander. 

Short and sweet as always! Good day everyone.

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