Top 5 sites to get passive income in crypto (part 2)

By Lazincome | Seed Coin Strategy | 12 Jul 2023

Since you liked the first article, I'm here again with some spicy platforms to get dividends in crypto. I only include quite sustainable sites, we don't want scam platforms. And the good thing is that on all this sites you can earn for free too, without depositing. But now let's start

1)Leebet - crypto casino
Leebet is a new crypto casino similar to Betfury. We have the free crypto farm where we can claim 0.01 usdt every 90 minutes and the $LEE token, which if you keep in the balance you get daily dividends.
To mine $LEE we have to bet at least 0.1$ in any game of the site. We can use the free money claimed in the faucet. I suggest Dice with these settings: Roll under, bet 0.101 usdt, set the bar to 94, and autobet

2)Larvel faucet
This is a free faucet where you earn coins doing claims, ptc, shortlinks, offerwall and so on. You can use the coins to buy up to 8 miners in the mining game, which give you hourly earnings. Simple and fun

3)Mining blocks
Another site similar to Larvel and Rollercoin, you have to buy miners and join a pool.
There is also the classic faucet activity based on claims, viewing advertisements, offers.
The minimum withdrawal is very low, currently I'm mining Matic and the treshold is only 0.02

Gemly is an investment game, but you can partecipate absolutely for free with the registration bonus and you can earn gems through watching ptc ads. Gems are used to hire some mercenaries which give you a daily return (usually around 0.5%). I already withdrew twice and the site is up from quite a bit now

This is a well known site, you can mine free crypto using the power of miners and played games. The currenct in the game is called RLT and you can get them for free by playing, doing offers and so on. I never invested in the site but managed to get a good power mining level

Hope this gave you an idea, if you have other suggestions feel free to write down in the comments.

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Seed Coin Strategy
Seed Coin Strategy

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