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What do I do in Second Life Game?

In my first post I told you that second life is not a real game, but a simulated life, another life.

What people do there? I will tell you a bit about my day.

I have been in and out of Second Life since 2006 and things were extremely different then.

But we are who we are and no one can hide behind an avatar, even though they think they can. 

Real personality shows up eventually.

I have met so many liars and so few really lovely people there that it makes me wonder: what am I still doing there?

Anyway, I have not given it up yet.

This is a typical thing of what I do daily:

I login at my home read some messages that have been sent to me, read group notices, and then decide what I am going to blog about (I have sponsors, so I choose between them and mix-match them so that I can deliver my post in time for many sponsors at the same time - I have deadlines and if I miss them I can be removed from the bloggers they have).

Logging in -  a picture before it all rezzes ( see that things are still grey?)


My posts are only pictures with styling cards (meaning: the name of the outfit, hair, skin, etc, and where it can be found). I don't write texts about the outfits or the furniture I am blogging about. After all, people want to know is where to get that item. 

After I create the look for the picture, I have to choose the pose I will use and the backdrop that fits the outfit.

They have to go together or the picture will be a disaster.

And the picture is uploaded to Flickr- which now requires a pro account to add links, by the way. 

After that, I pose at the place I decided would be my backdrop, and only then I change the graphics preferences to the highest (ultra).

That's  how it looks like when I change graphics preferences and phototools:


I take the picture and save it on my computer, so I can edit it later if needed. I usually crop and resize. Minors adjustments can be made.

I need to name it, so I don't lose it when trying to upload.

I use Blogger, create a new post and start writing down everything I am wearing on the picture, including the location and pose I used.

Of course, there must be links to the stores; otherwise, my readers wouldn't be able to find the items.

Name of the items and all the details that the designers sent.

Check it three times and publish it on the blog, on Flickr, and on Facebook too.

So I decided to do this on my Second Life, but now I have more to do because I applied for a job and I am a trainee at a Jewelry Store, soon to graduate.

This is a store that I really enjoy, and the items are so beautiful...well, I am a woman and I love jewelry, even on Second I said, we don't change what we are just because it is a Second Life, we can only show our best and/or our worst there.

Here is one of my pictures:



I hope you have enjoyed the reading.

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I am a resident at Second Life. I am a blogger.

Second Life -  A World of Dreams
Second Life - A World of Dreams

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