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Trying to live for free in second life

So I decided not to spend any real money in second life and now I am trying to find a  home for free, but it's not easy. 

I decided to go on as homeless. How do I feel? Terrible. I'll try another body, for free, of course.

I search newbies and many things show up for newcomers.

I found some people waiting to sit in lucky chairs to make 5  lindens each time. I voted and I would receive 1 Linden if I stayed there for 45 minutes.



Ok, let's not spend this time there and move's boring. Too boring.

let's find some fun!

Well, it didn't go as I wanted. I got disconnected from the game. That's not fun at all...I'll log in again, but now with a new avatar. One that I will pay for, but not too much. I will spend 3 lindens, no more.

It didn't look half as good as I wanted. My face is terrible.


But I'll keep this avatar for now.

As I said, it's not easy to go free on Second Life.

I already spent 3 Linden Dollars.

Now, what can I do? The answer is inside me: what do I expect from my second life?

What do I want to do here? Why am I here at all?

I think I would like to roleplay... let's find a good one. Maybe be a fairy or a mermaid? Well, I could!

So far I am not as good in this game without money.

I tried to live for free and spent 3 lindens...that was a big no no!











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Second Life - A World of Dreams

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