Second Life for free?

Can Second Life be really free?

Well, one can join and download the viewer (or viewers - there is more than one) for free, that's correct.

When we get inworld for the first time, we can choose an avatar that is free. We can walk around with it, wearing those free clothes that come with the avatar, but we soon realize that we don't walk the same way as many people, we don't look as great as them either, and start wondering: how can I be like them? After all, it's only human to want to fit in.

If one doesn't mind being ugly and walking funny, that person will never spend real money on second life. Good for him/her! I am not one of them, for sure. I need my endless supply of clothes, jewels, shoes, skins, hairs, etc, etc - that's one of the reasons I blog for stores: I get items for free to blog about them. This way, I rarely buy anything.

We can try not to spend money by getting freebies - free items. There are ways to get those,  by joining groups and to be honest, for women, freebies are quite good - in quality and design. Men find more problems with it. As usual, the fashion industry is made for women. That doesn't mean that men don't want to look good as well, but unfortunately, the market is filled with women's freebies and almost nothing for men.

The Free Dove is a great place to find free Items, for example.

here is a picture of it: it's a big place and the link to it is above:


There are dressing rooms, where one can rezz (drag the item to the ground) the item and open it if necessary and change clothes there with privacy.

I swear that I have tried to not spend real money on Second Life, but then I needed to get my body, my head, my skins...because I love to take pictures in second life and I  didn't want to be ugly.

Plus: in a world where one can be whatever she/he wants, I decided to become a I had to be gorgeous. Oh, yes there are fashion shows there, and believe me, it's not that easy to walk and stop on the marks.

Anyway, I understand that it is possible not to spend real money on Second Life - depending on what your second life is like.

Thank you for reading and I hope you have enjoyed it.











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