Why wear a mask?

By SPjiN (Sean) | Sean Nealon | 14 Sep 2020

Why are we all being asked to wear a mask?   

Why should we? We're all going to get this virus anyway and it's been proven that the mask doesn't really protect me. Why bother?  

When this COVID-19 craziness first started, I too thought it was stupid and people were being lead like sheep - then I was introduced to the article from the Washington post - back in about February I think it was. My mind was changed and now I find it very difficult to deal with people that haven't caught on to the fact that it's not about human rights etc. it's about hospital capacity and the FACT that people like our parents who very likely have health issues already, are far more likely to require a ventilator and serious critical care to survive this. 

This is not the flu - this is a virus that our bodies do not have ANY antibodies that are able to fight this yet - so you won't have an immune response straight away - not until your body recognizes it and realizes that it HAS to fight this - that's why you might not have ANY symptoms and yet can pass this DEADLY virus on. 

Another thing to think about... if all the beds in your local hospital are full of the people who won't wear a mask... and you get hit by a car... when you arrive, do you expect them to take grandma off a ventilator so they have a bed free to allow you in the door? Who gets to decide? 

We wear masks so that hospitals can cope with the influx of patients.   

We wear masks, not to protect ourselves, but to help a failing global medical system to have a CHANCE of keeping as many people alive as possible. It's not about human rights - it's about trying to share limited resources amongst as many patients as possible.  

If everyone wore a mask, yes we would ALL eventually get this virus anyway. BUT, we could slow the influx of patients to a manageable level and everyone that NEEDS to be hospitalized for this virus and EVERYTHING else that people are still requiring medical help for actually have access to medical care. 

This slowing of the spread of the virus is what will save MILLIONS of lives. 

And we are asking you to wear a mask.  

Is it really that hard?  

If I am wrong and this is all garbage - what has it cost you?  

If you are wrong, and our failing medical systems can't cope, how many people are going to die

In two weeks, how many people could you pass this on to? And how many could they pass it on to? etc. Yes only a small % of people will require hospitalization. But if we can slow the spread of this, ALL of them can BE hospitalized, receive urgent medical care and have the best chance of surviving. 

Or we can continue to flood the hospitals with new cases and have thousands of people continue to die every week, because the medical system is overloaded. 

Or, you could wear a mask. 

Does that put it into perspective? 

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SPjiN (Sean)
SPjiN (Sean)

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Sean Nealon
Sean Nealon

Crypto trader, investor and humanitarian. If we don't use our investments to save the world and those we care about, why invest at all?

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