After the "Chatterbox bus" shut down in early 2020 due to funding issues, the bus has been renamed MY Bus and is BACK!!!

Can the Chatterbox Bus, now known as MY Bus (Melbourne Youth Bus) run on music alone?

By SPjiN (Sean) | Sean Nealon | 27 Apr 2021

Have you ever heard about someone that was murdered/abused by their family member and ever thought "Why didn't they just leave?" Well, I have a story to tell you...

You see, if someone finds themselves in this situation where things at home are getting bad, so bad in fact that any "rational" person would just leave, often they don't have anywhere to actually GO. And if there are kids in the mix too, well that complicates matters to a whole new level.

So, if you notice someone that looks bedraggled and "homeless" and they are begging for help... perhaps they were one of the very few that actually DID leave when they could, but unfortunately didn't have anywhere else to go.

This is just the sort of person that my brother and his fellow volunteers help every week with the charity bus that they run.

To say that I am proud would be an understatement. But I want to be more than proud, I want to help. So when I asked what I could do to help with this, he told me about his music.

"MUSIC? What?! How could music possibly help with this problem?" you say.
Funny you should ask. 😛

You see, David has set up a Spotify account and every week for over a year now, he has added at least one track to his account and 100% of the money from Spotify goes to help support this bus.

"You mean, I can just listen to some music on Spotify, and that's going to help homeless and at-risk youth from slipping through the cracks?!"

Yes! Yes it can. and every "listen" is another drip of fuel in the tank on the bus. With enough of us all listening to his music (which IS pretty cool by the way) they won't have to spend their other donations on fuel and can use the other proceeds that they receive to buy needed food and clothing, blankets and so on.

And before you ask, yes they do get some of those things donated, but often there is more that they need or the timing of certain donations and when they are needed don't quite match up all the time.

So do you think it would be worthwhile having a listen to help out?

And if you wanted to share this with your friends as well, and this went "viral". Well, that would make not only my day, but I think a lot of young people's - young people that don't often get many good days right now.

Oh! Also, be sure to check back on Spotify next Friday to see what new track has been added. He adds a new track every Friday to this playlist.

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SPjiN (Sean)
SPjiN (Sean)

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Sean Nealon
Sean Nealon

Crypto trader, investor and humanitarian. If we don't use our investments to save the world and those we care about, why invest at all?

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