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Faces of Crypto World

By Sdom | Sdom84 | 10 Feb 2023

Who is the most prominous person in crypto world?
Of course its Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin, the man, who started the whole Era of blockchain, cryptocurrencies and web 3.0.
This famous blockchain pioneer is well known by everyone... but is it for sure?

Firstly publishing his Bitcoin manifest in October 2008, then the blockchain was commisioned on January 2009, and first coins were mined, after that he suported and was improving the whole system, together with other developers.
12th of December 2010 he wrote about one of his last improvements: "Added some DoS limits, removed safe mode",
day after he participated at Bitcointalk Forum, at chat refering to protections of cyber attacts... and...
all of a sudden he dissapeared.
How does he look like? No one knows.
We don't even know if a person like him, had really existed, was he one man or group of people?
Nowdays, Satoshi Nakamoto is nothing more, but a trully legend.

However there is a monument impersonating him, as I remember, its lied in Hungary and we can see his face, it looks like in the picture:
Nakamoto monument

Of course, its only a symbol, and in his "mirrorlike" face we can see ourselves.
Anyway, Satoshi dissapeared but his project carried on and became to exist as independent life.

Meanwhile the whole idea of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies has developed in various ways and started a new chapters of modern economy, banking, entertaiment, media, trade, and many more sectors.
The question if cryptocurrencies evolved the way according to Satoshi's idea is a topic for another article.

Like any other branch, wchich absorbs a large amounts of money, this one (blockchain technologies) also atracts many, often very prominent people, the good ones and the bad ones... and I'd like to introduce some of them.
I think, I can divide them into some categories, lets start:

Vitalik Buterin

Vitalik Buterin

I have a feeling, that I just have to start from description of this guy.
He comes from the small Russian town of Kolomna, but when he turned six, his family immigrated to Canada.
Young Vitalik since the early years manifested his talent in math and computing.
At the age of 17, he became the co-founder and lead writer for Bitcoin Magazine, propably the first publication that focus solely on all things crypto. During his time there, his reputation within the underground crypto scene grew to impresively high level.

In 2013, he stated the white paper for Ethereum, a decentralized, open-source blockchain featuring smart contract functionality. The project atracted widespread traction, just after its release, as is made evident by the fact that its development was entirely crowdfunded, and by mid-2015, the network had gone live with 72 million premined coins.
Nowdays Ethereum is the second largest blockchain with over a 50,5 mln applications built on it, its still iproved and innovated (the Beacon Chain, the Merge).
Also the ETH coin has the second biggest coin market capitalisation.

Jesse Powell

Jesse Powell
A California State University graduate, previously got an early digital currencies in 2001 when he founded a firm assisting players in online games with account management and in-game currencies. In 2007, he founded the Verge Gallery and Studio Project, which he ran until 2010 as Sacramento's largest contemporary commercial art gallery at the time.

Inspired by  Mt. Gox exchange,he was following its security breach and began developing Kraken - the cryptocurrencies exchange. Kraken was finally launched in 2013.

Powell has contributed a lot toa strong proponent of cryptocurrency adoption and was oprocentowanie to attempts to overregulate the sector, making a number of scathing public statements about efforts by the attorney general of New York to crack down on crypto.

In 2021, Powell oversees the launch of the Kraken Bank in Cheyenne, Wyoming, a turning point in the integration of crypto with mainstream finance.

Kraken, the fourth biggest exchange (according to Coinmarketcap ranking) seems to be highly adaptable in a fast-changing industry, it introduced an options like DeFi  with more staking and earning opportunities on the exchange  and the integration of Lightning Network payments.
<span;>It has also one one the most clearly proof of reserved, comparing to other exchanges.

Michael Saylor

Michael Saylor
This coming from a military background,   MIT graduate became the head of business intelligence company MicroStrategy, founded in 1989, went from his primal aversion to Bitcoin in 2013 to being one of the digital asset’s most enthusiastic proponents in 2020.

In August 2020, MicroStrategy  bought $250 million worth of Bitcoin for its treasury reserves, then the company placed an additional $175 million into Bitcoin, for a total stack worth about $425 million.

MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin allocations came at the beginning of the recent mainstream financial trend around the digital coin. A number of other mainstream giants publicized their Bitcoin investments following this moves.

Finally the company bought more Bitcoins in December — $650 million worth.
In 2021 an amount of 70,470 BTC was cumulatively allocated, wchich was worth over a bilion dollars.
Due to its CEO's (Saylor) Bitcoin was considered as a hedge against inflation should also solidify as the United States continues to fight pandemic-induced economic difficulties with government spending (painting FIAT money).
Between August 2, 2022, and September 19, 2022, around 301 bitcoins were bought for roughly $6.0 million at an average price of $19,851 per piece.
Holistically the company held approximately 130,000 bitcoins, aggregating a whopping $3.98 billion. These purchases were made at an average purchase price of $30,639 per piece.
In spite of posting a loss in the second quarter of Fiscal 2022 results, Saylor has a strong conviction in bitcoin’s future potential, he stepped down from his CEO role to focus his full attention on bitcoin management strategy.

The "Crypto World Universum" inhabits a lot of intresting characters: heroes, mentors, villains, and I find it fine as a topic for future articles... so I hope you enjoyed it, and see you next time!

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