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Crypto friendly countries. Last part.

By Sdom | Sdom84 | 29 Jan 2023

Where I stayed last time, Ireland... from there I can catch a flight to Iceland. Its a legend when crypto business is considered, but its another island and I'd rather come back to continent.

Let me think... go to France, I've never been there.

And this time I really need to put an effort, couse all I know about this country, comes from  adult movies broadcasted after midnight at local TV. I'm afraid this knowledge won't be enough... in this case at least.
The things I found are little dissapointing, but lets try.
There is  very little crypto accepting local businesses, to be honest, I haven't found any, but there is a way to skip this difficiency
When get hungry, there is a possibility to order something from cryptocurrency accepting portal - Just eat, it contains about 15000 in France.
Regarding groceries, clothes I'm not able to find much, there is a fine web site, but I can buy there mosty electronics.
For everyday shopping I have to use a gift cards bought for Bitcoin on cryptorefill portal.
<span;>Short stop and Au revoir France.

Spain, the country of Sun, wine, the Saint Inquisition, corrida and who knows what else.
How the things are regarding cryptos?
Just alike in France, a little bit dissapointing. Fortunatelly, I can find some Bitcoins ATMs to draw some cash out... and move forward.

Portugal, at last, I got lucky,a land where cryptocurrency are threated as a legal tender, so the transactions are tax free.
The Portuguese government allows employers to pay wages with cryptocurrency, and makes it easy to buy crypto on a variety of platforms, and only they pay tax for their income.
First of all, I will go to Bam Bam beach to enjoy some drinks at Bitcoin bar, meeting quite numerous society of crypto-enthusiasts is an exciting experience.
Its really heaven for people like that, as I can find on Reddit, even a random local restaurant accepts Bitcoins.

Staying at warm and sunny climat I'm heading to Malta.
From an airport I can take a cab and pay in cryptos for it, got hungry, so I ask the driver to take me to restaurant.
After that I will do something for fun and to play tennis at Tennisline courts located insports centre.
Of course all this facilities accepts payment in Bitcoin.
Malta island, thanks to its government's attitude, is a cryptocurrency and blockchain heaven, and many businesses - for example cryptocurrency traders, exchanges etc established their base here.

Ok that enough experencies till now, I got come back home and take some other action (than daydreaming).
Anyway, I wonder how things are, regarding cryptos, in my country, Poland.
Well, its not a cryptos paradise, for sure, the government demands an income taxes from companies and private person as well.
As I remember, in the past many good prospering companies moved abroad (BitBay exchange, Bulion 79 - Gold and Silver seller).
On the other hand, its not so bad, I still can order something to eat from web portal and pay in Bitcoin, I can find many ATMs or stationary ( or online) cantors to withdraw cash from cryptocurrency (of course there are  AML restrictions).
The statement  regarding cryptos,  is like in other not very crypto friendly european countries, but things seems to be changing in better way ( of course we will see, if it really is).

Thats all folks, I'm about to cease this serries for further time, in spite of there are o lot of other lands to mention, till now I'd like to focus on more educative material.
Of course, I'm not a smart-ass (jerk) that I consider myself as a teacher, I just hope to find valuable informations and describe them in my articles.
So its why I love Publish0x.


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