change color and position of dvd subtitles

By ouija85 | scuoladimostrithereturn | 9 Apr 2023

Often the subtitles we find on DVDs suck.

Maybe we'd like to change the color or they're just too low and we'd like to raise them a bit so they're easier to read.

With a windows program called DVDSubEdit we can change these 2 things quite easily without having to use other programs.

It does not require installation and its size is less than 2 mb.

Once is open, just click on File, then on Open full domain and select the first VOB file on the DVD.

The program will load the film and in the menu that will open we will be able to decide the height of the subtitles and their color.

Once done, you will need to save everything by clicking on Edit and then on Apply last modification to all.

If, on the other hand, we already have a external subtitle in .sup format, just click on File – Opens .SUP file and we will modify it in the same way.

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