The FOMO was real!

By Flip a coin | Flip a Coin | 5 Nov 2021

Silly, silly. Early this morning, upon waking up, I checked my portfolio.  Shiba was way down, and I didn't want to miss taking more profit so I exchanged all Shiba for Avalanche.   A few hours later, I lost 20 dollars , and Shiba was back up and rising.  After some back and forth in my head,  I bought 40 dollars, out of pocket, of Shiba. A few hours later, AVAX lowered more. I exchanged the AVAX for Shiba.   I'm back to where I started, but just a miniscule amount lower, in the scheme of things.  


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Flip a coin
Flip a coin

I am here to write about and share all the things that I have learned and experienced in life so far. I'm in love with Crypto and want to teach about it. I am a Fitness Instructor, Nutrition Coach and I want to inspire you!

Flip a Coin
Flip a Coin

This blog touches upon the Crypto journey of a Fitness Instructor who is starting over since relocating.

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