Scrambled Thoughts #8

The education system is abusive to children. There is nothing to reform, only to create a new system that renders the old one obsolete.

One of Humanity's greatest problems is the transference of knowledge Throughout Time.

I thought about writing a book for my children, "who I am", "the lessons I learned to pass on to you", that sort of thing, but I'm realizing future technology will help me make something much much better...

We're about 5 years away from achieving a "type" of AI that changes how we all live. 

Humanity's greatest threat to progress is Central banking and governments. I believe it was Ford who said if the people knew how the banking system works there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. That's why they can't know, that's why the same people who own banking institutions that control "money", are the same people that own all of the news stations, the television networks, the large media corporations, and they basically get to dictate what people get to hear.

Their ancestors convinced you the Federal Reserve is a government institution and not a privately owned banking cartel. Look it up if you haven't "discovered" it yet, start with Edward Griffin's " The creature from Jekyll Island".

They use wealth to buy politicians and trade on the rights of the people. They manipulate the public and pass regulation that destroys lives, kills competition, and promote censorship and exclusion. The governing class is like a cult made up mainly of central bankers, corrupt politicians, and wealthy families with a generational death hold on the world's most valuable assets. 

Thank God for Bitcoin, God being Satoshi...



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Bankster Insurgent 🏴‍☠️💰
Bankster Insurgent 🏴‍☠️💰

NO TRUST in Governments | Central Banking Is Financial Terrorism | The Reasons for War & Poverty Everywhere. TW @RGcrypto13 #Bitcoin #EndTheFed #Revolution

Scrambled Thoughts
Scrambled Thoughts

A great man once said “It’s a big club, and you ain’t it.”, he could not have been more right. ( George Carlin RIP). We need a global revolution. Unfiltered thoughts of a haunted man.

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