Scrambled Thoughts #4

Scrambled Thoughts #4

Humanity's brand new hope

" I don't know what I would do without Bitcoin."

Our sleeping brothers and sisters can wake up, some of them are. There's still a major communication barrier. I think some people can only think within a certain structure, hard to explain.

Think of a box, at the bottom of the box there is an uncountable number of nodes, in this case, they represent the beginning of thought patterns. There is always a starting point for each topic/concept/entity, whatever it is, most people already have a preset way of thinking about it or are programmed to approach a new topic/Concept/thought (...) in a similar weak and quick habit. These nodes ( a weird combo of the way we think and the thoughts themselves) are like strings stretching upwards twisting and affecting other nodes converging to other assumptions/determinations. But no matter what direction you take you always find yourself hitting a wall in the Box. You can think of it in many ways, this is just the first that comes to mind, I'm sure others have far better ways of describing this mind prison.

The strongest incentive I've ever seen move people to break out of the box and start to think critically, independently, and productively is Greed.

I take that and try to turn it into a pursuit of true "wealth", meaning, it is far better to explain to people what true wealth is ( TIME & FREEDOM) rather than appealing to their programmed side designed to enrich the bank account with devaluing currency with No control over the "money" or the account.

Bitcoin is the cure to financial terrorism.

Thank god we don't need the majority...

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Bankster Insurgent πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈπŸ’°
Bankster Insurgent πŸ΄β€β˜ οΈπŸ’°

Singularitarian | NO TRUST in Governments | Central Banking Is Financial Terrorism | The Reasons for War & Poverty Everywhere. TW @BanksterBear #Bitcoin #EndTheFed #Revolution

Scrambled Thoughts
Scrambled Thoughts

A great man once said β€œIt’s a big club, and you ain’t it.”, he could not have been more right. ( George Carlin RIP). We need a global revolution. Unfiltered thoughts of a haunted man.

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