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The Weeping Angel Incident

By Hexzyti | SCP explored | 20 May 2021

The Statue, SCP-173. Kills via strangulation or snapping at the base of the skull. Reports of appearance vary, a possible indication of multiple instances. I have done some digging and found a few cases that may be linked to The Statue, or SCP-173 as it is known to The Foundation. However, there is one case that is particularly promising. 

May 15 2012 "The weeping angel incident"

Nicole Watson. 24-year-old female. Found dead in Ashley National Forest, Utah, Wyoming. Cause of death: strangulation. No suspects, and no leads, a true cold case. No killer was found, but reports suggest a likely candidate. From May 12 visitors reported a "creepy sculpture" within the woods, which would disappear and reappear at various points in Ashley National Forest. It was concluded to be some art project, just another starving artist trying to make a commentary on society or something, or maybe some prank. Investigation around the park uncovered some... disturbing findings. Human blood and fecal matter in small piles were scattered around the forest. Additionally, there were strange markings in the rocks and trees, like someone had taken a piece of concrete and attempted to use it to destroy, or at the very least damage, the surrounding foliage. Analysis of the blood and fecal matter revealed that it was likely from one of the homeless in the area, there have been cases of homeless people living out in the woods so such an explanation was accepted. 

I took it upon myself to investigate, not surprisingly the foundations little kill squad, The MTF, were still patrolling the area. Whatever evidence there was, they made sure it was destroyed. They were still searching for "the escaped entity"; I just might have a chance to study this "Sculpture". At least I thought I did, turns out they managed to contain it. I was left at a roadblock, no proof, no justice. Instead, my focus had turned to The Foundation archives, I was sure to find answers there. I was right. This thing has far more history than I thought. Records of a golem being created in the 1800s, cultists creating a monument to a horrid eldritch god in the 1930s, The Foundation itself being responsible for the creation of the being. All theories but official documents nonetheless. 

Further investigation

Possible sentience, maybe even sapience. A test was conducted, three men entered the chamber of The Sculpture, two died one survived. Why? Desire, The Sculpture is no mindless killing machine, it knows who does and does not want to die. The difference that ended up saving this mans life was his desire for it to end. In the database it states as follows, "D-#### walked towards SCP-173, shouting 'go ahead, finish me' three times in a row with his eyes closed. SCP-173 did not respond, observation was stopped momentarily to ensure no one was observing the object, yet upon re-observation D-#### had not expired." It chose to leave that man alive, it wanted him to continue suffering. I see no reason why it does what it does, why it needs to be out of view before it can strike, perhaps it really is an art piece, one that requires constant observation and appreciation or else.

For now, the case is closed. Just what the hell is this thing? I cannot truly say. For now, this case is closed. I've been locked out the database and god knows how long it will take to get back in. There are always more reports of suspicious incidents waiting for me. May the search for the truth continue.



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