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How did it come to be thousands of miles away? 5 Things That Are Mysterious To Scientists

By Naveed Siddique | Science facts | 17 Jan 2021

Scientists around the world have made many mysterious discoveries about which even the scientists themselves have no explanation - these discoveries have also raised questions about the competence of the scientists themselves - such as the millions of years old discoveries made in Antarctica. Remains pointing to the fact that Antarctica was once a lush forest - but how it all happened Scientists don't know anything about it so it's still a mystery -

Mysterious Metal Column


2 Metal Pillar in November 2020 from two separate locations Discovered A mysterious pillar was discovered in Red Rock Canyon State Park in Utah, a remote part of the United States, while another mysterious metal pillar was discovered in the Romanian region of Piatra Neamt. Has not taken responsibility for the installation of the site and no one knows where it came from -the strange thing is that there is a distance of about 10,000 kilometers between these two places - and scientists do not know that these two pillars are thousands of miles away.

Antarctica's lush past

Antarcticais known as the coldest and most remote continent in the world. Therefore, it is really unnatural to imagine that it has ever been a thriving place inhabited by lush greenery, birds, marine animals and even dinosaurs. But a few recent discoveries from here point to things - some of the remains collected from the James Ross island of the Antarctic Peninsula are 71 million years old. -

The Lost Civilization of the Kalari Desert William Leonard He set out on an expedition to the Kalahari Desert, accompanied by his own son Lulu. During this time they also took pictures of the area - William claims that during this voyage he encountered the ancient ruins of the lost civilization of this desert - the claim of this alleged discovery was among the explorers of this civilization at that time. Made great interest. Numerous expeditions have been launched to find the missing city, but none have been successful. *

Ancient Mexican painter Sinaloa petroglyphs is a Pacific coast located in the southern part of the Mexican city of Sinaloa. ۔ There is a group of volcanic rocks formed by volcanoes. There are a variety of sculptural creations on these rocks that contain images of many spheres and cross marks, including humans and animals. The date dates back to 1000 BC - but scientists have not been able to say who made these carvings or how they came to be. 

, Numerous footprints in the temple

For. It is also famous for a reason - the size of these footprints is 3 times the size of a human foot, but it is debatable which creature these footprints belong to, whether it is a giant, a human being, or Any animal It is not yet clear what is the purpose of the footprints appearing here - however the Hindus believe that these are the footprints of one of their deities who was passing through here.

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Science facts
Science facts

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