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Living Environment may increase your chances of reaching a long life says study

By Jjpn47 | Sci-J | 30 Jun 2020

Scientists at the University of Washington has found that living in a highly walkable, mixed age community increases your chances in reaching a hundred year's old by analyzing the data from 145,000 diseased people in Washington state.

“Our study adds to the growing body of evidence that social and environmental factors contribute significantly to longevity,” said study author Rajan Bhardwaj in a press release by Washington State University.

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The research shows that areas which are highly walkable, has many working age people and have a favorable socio-economic status was correlated with old age.

With a 20-35 percent chance of reaching an old age, the findings suggest that living in a healthy environment which supports healthy aging is likely to impact your ability to successfully beat genetic odds via lifestyle choices.

The study examines 145,000 Washington people who died at the age of 75 and above from 2011-2015 which takes into account their age, sex, race, education and marital status.

It also considers other variables such as transit, primary care, walkabilty, air pollution, rural/urban, working age population and green space.

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According to Ofer Amram, one of the Co-authors of the study says that their research supports making the streets walkable which gives an opportunity for older adults to exercise.

Currently, more work is required to expand their findings and hopes that it could be utilized to create healthier communities.

News release from Washington State University: HEALTHY AGING
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