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Computer Engineering Student Develops an App that can Report Environmental Problems

By Jjpn47 | Sci-J | 20 Jul 2020

Computer Engineering student Jose Esciapez with his tutor Jose Romero has devised a smartphone application that will let the user submit environmental issues around them. 

The app under the research title, “Development of a collaborative app for environmental management” aims to raise awareness of environmental issues.

To use the mobile application, the user simply need to use their camera to take a picture of the problem (i.e. dirty water and garbage), write a simple form about it and submit.

Here's a screenshot:

Screenshoot of the app

It also saves the user's picture and description of the problem in case their internet connection and send it later if it comes back later. 

Data from the app is then submitted to a management website where a centralized authority can examine the problem and perhaps take action.

To prevent spam or false information, an automated email system is used in reporting the issue in order to proceed for verification.

The app uses the android system and available in Spanish and English languages.

(The app is still not available in google play.)

News release from Alpha Galileo link: https://www.alphagalileo.org/en-gb/Item-Display/ItemId/195045


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