7 mobile phone cloud miners for crypto income

By Schwarzmarkt | Schwarzmarkt | 18 Jan 2021

Hello crypto enthusiast,

Mining is as simple as tapping on a button. No special technical knowledge is required.

Install the apps on your phone and start generating crypto income. They mine in the cloud and don't use your phone resources.

You have to activate the miner every 24 hours or every week. It depends on the miner. It's easy to understand.

Join me and get cryptocurrencies for little effort. Be the early bird. Use my codes for bonus. 🚀🚀🚀


Pi Network

Download: Google Play Store | Apple

Download the app and use the invite/code Schwarzmarkt to get 1 Pi for free. Activate every 24h to earn constantly. Join my team.🚀


Bee Network 🐝

Download: Google Play Store | Apple

Join my team in the BEE Network and get 1 BEE for free using my invite schwarzmarkt. Activate every 24h to earn constantly.



Download: Google Play Store

Join me and mine PHT. Use my invite code: ashepm86. You get 200 PHT bonus. 7 day intervall. Activate weekly.



Download Google Play Store

Download the app and use my code swarzmarkt as witness. Let's earn together. Click the timestamp daily if you can or account will be deactivated when points are zero. 👆


Reflex Cloud Mining

Download: Google Play Store

Use my code e95oj under the friends tab and get 30 RFX for free. 180 minutes interval and 10 token bonus daily.



Download: Google Play Store | Apple

Use my invite code christianmueller and join my team. Activate every 24h to earn constantly.



Download: Aibox website

Use my invite code 28TC5WSTJ and join my team. Activate every 24h to earn constantly.👍


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