The Field

By Eili | Inspire and Love | 22 Nov 2019

        There was once a very rich man living in a city. He has 10 beautiful shining cars and 4 huge mansions. He also has 4 wives in which he housed on those mansion. His pets are 2 lions and a king cobra. However, he still feels lacking. He feels bored with whatever he has. He thinks that there is still something missing with his life.
       Until one day, he heard from one of his wives that there is a huge field being sold in a far away province. This field is so big but none of the people around the place can make any plant grow in it. Being the arrogant man he is, he believes that he is the only one who can do it. Calling all of his servants, he went to the field and bought it for an expensive price. Seeing the field has made him so excited but still he does not want to make his hands dirty so he made his servants plough the field to plant crops. A long afternoon has passed and the servants have still not finished ploughing. One of the servants said that the field is full of rocks that it would be impossible for any plant to grow in it. This servant said that it would be better if they will just go home since planting on that field will not do any good.
       The man became so angry at his servant that he ordered him to do the ploughing alone. However, the day has ended but still, crops can’t still be planted. The man accused his servant that he’s just being lazy and as a punishment, he has to plough the field until plants can grow there. The only way the servant could get back to his mansion is growing crops on that field.
        The servant pleads so hard for the man to lift his punishment on him. However, the man was so unreasonably mad that he leaves the place with all the other servants to go back to the city. The servant was left there crying, in the middle of the field in a dark gloomy night. Until suddenly, a blinding light shines from a place not so far. The servant followed this shining thing and tried to remove the soil covering it. In his surprise, the shining thing is a diamond!
       The servant started digging more on the field, removing the excess soil and scratching the dirt covering the hard rock and voila! Those rocks are actually diamonds! The servant immediately called every help he could get to retrieve the diamonds.
       After a long time, the servant came back to the city. He is now the richest man there is!


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Inspire and Love
Inspire and Love

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