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By Jschatz15 | #UplandWealthBuilding | 26 Apr 2022



Having the app for only about 3 weeks, I basically have  been cruising around the map and checking out others properties, wasting my UPX sending my explorer places without any reason, I felt a rush of excitement as I saw a paper airplane near my explorer, thinking to myself that this must be a special item. Congratulations, you have won 2 sends!


I think decided to switch my mindset over to treasure hunting. Despite spawning many treasure chests, I never came close to finding any of them.

So I started reading around on the discord servers, and noticed they have competitions for creating properties within the app.

Seeing as I do drafting and design on a daily basis, and not with the software required (Blender), I am interested in doing some designing of these  properties in the future, and have a plethora of ideas already storming around in my head. :) 

Here is the best way to be successful on Upland and to start building wealth.

Everything you read in this post, do the  exact opposite.

(This is not financial advice, I am not a financial planner, this is only my experiences/outcomes) You can use my link for an extra bonus on your UPX on first purchase by clicking --> Download Upland.me Here For a special UPX bonus!




Lets get RIGHT into how I made all the wrong moves..... When I had mentioned the app to one of my lady friends during a Live stream I was doing on the "LiveMe" application * You can download on your App store, or Play store @ LiveMe or brows broadcasts on the web http://www.liveme.com ( If you want to follow me there, here is my profile :


She was interested and downloaded the application. So excited that she downloaded it and was exploring, I thought WAIT. I have a brilliant plan. With several properties in LA that I got through the FSA on a good price, I wanted to pass the deal on to someone new, so they could also enjoy the feeling of a fresh start. Being the kind soul I am ( it's true folks) I chose a property in LA ( coincidentally) she is from LA as well, so I figured this would be a good place to start. I sent my explorer over to the property, gave her the address, she got her explorer over to the property, and I thought to myself, she is a good friend, i only paid 4900 UPX roughly for the property, so I went ahead and...YUP listed the property for 2,000 UPX ( during this process she was actually sitting in my live broadcast, audio chatting with me during the whole exchange) I told her go ahead and click on *BUY* and then buy the property for the little price of 2000 UPX ( she had topped up to 4500 or so right away.) She said, it doesn't let me buy it, it is not an option,


NO I said, again just click buy or offer, whatever option it gives you.  She said it does NOT give me an option.


Growing a little anxious and impatient, I went to my home screen to find a new message in my inbox, saying Congratulations,b8a88ca7397eab1892216f0e41b679ef6c060a83a19fc33fbb2509f0be005cb5.png 


You have just sold your property @ " " for 2000 UPX and the transaction is being finalized on the blockchain....




How is it possible someone found this property so fast, at that price, and snatched it up before she had the chance to even look at it. A bit embarrassed, I was confused as to how it was possible that someone knew instantly that I had listed that property.


Well, Turns out A few hours later I used my brain for the first time in my life, and realized If you simply zoom in or out, and then click the properties button EX:debdfb8dc18c38d1cff8c29b95e40f22c728884336e25de162894319a96c5a14.png This will show you multiple pages of properties for sale. EXAMPLE:



and now for the zoomed out view, and pressing the properties button.





I am a bit agitated that I did not comprehend what would happen if I listed this property for such a low price.


If I could re-do the situation, I would of just had her go to my property and " offer " me 2,000 UPX which I would have accepted and got her a property.

The moral of the story here is, If you read this, and do exactly the opposite of everything I did, I personally think you have a great shot at being successful early on in your Upland Meta Experience!


I love this idea, and this application. I cant wait to see what the future holds for the Upland community. It should be very exciting and being still very young, we all have a great opportunity. DYOR, don't get caught up with FOMO. And also, Just HODL it :)


Thanks for having such a great platform with millions of miles to grow, literally :)


Use your personal discretion on my next few statements...


DO TONS OF READING, get involved with the community on the Discord Servers, there is so much valuable information on there, and more is constantly being added. The only way you can go wrong there is to NOT educate  yourself on how the application works, and read other situations people have gotten themselves into, so you do not have to make the same mistakes as one of us did.


Don't be shy to DM someone who is knowledgeable on the application, or post a new question in one of the servers, that is what they are there for and they are very helpful and my experiences with them they reply faster than you would expect, as there are many active users constantly in the server.












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#UplandWealthBuilding Virtual Property in the MetaVerse Upland

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