Midoin - the first digital coin on the blockchain?

By Scarlet Black | | 4 Nov 2021

Midoin Coin

Midoin is the first digital coin, that can be mined on mobile and shortly will be the first one on the blockchain!

Here's what they write in the Midoin app about the upcoming changes and Midoin's entry into exchanges:

"After months of hard work we are excited to announce that by the 15th November 2021 we will be ready to deploy Midoin on the blockchain. It will be initially be deployed on the testnet to make sure that everything works as intended and after a short period it will be deployed on the main net.

The main objective is to enable users to withdraw Midoins on their private wallets and also enable them to trade it on a decentralized exchange.


Further information will follow in the next weeks."

Use this link to download the free app: and you will get 5x boost on you earnings, when you use my username "asiakot" as your invitation code!

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