Sirwin and how to earn even 1 BTC!

By Scarlet Black | | 18 Apr 2021 - the oldest faucet and favorite site of many people. If you are looking for a website where you can really earn money, I recommend that you explore all the secrets of this website. You can find there a lot of functions like faucet, multiply game, staking, RP (Reward Points) exchangeable for real BTC (1RP = 1satoshi).

So why not give it a try? Recently, while the Reward Points were multiplied x 5, I once again withdrawn 0.001 BTC for 100,000 RP (and in the meantime I got two Jackpots in a multiply game, i.e. an additional 0.002 BTC)!


The most important thing if you care about real money; at the beginning, invest in FUN Token - 2,500 FUN is enough to have a premium account or transfer the appropriate amount of BTC (the amount is always given on the website), but in my opinion, FUN is more profitable. Disable adding lottery tickets in the settings - you will get more RP with every Roll instead. Then download the legal "BitBot" from Google Play [read: - why many say it's the best faucet], follow the instruction and turn on the automatic, the biggest RP bonus - from now every day, every hour, all the time you have free BTC + additional 1200 RP/day profit.
And you don't have to do anything!

From time to time, there are also a promotions of x2, x3, x4, x5 or x6 RP for a certain period of time. So go to e.g. Youtube, watch tutorials on how to play multiply game - not only will you multiply your BTC, but you will also collect a lot of RP (100,000 RP = 0.001 BTC).

On the other hand, from 30,000 satoshi, you have the 4.08% interest rate - every day you get extra BTC for nothing!

And if you don't have enough, you get free tickets to spin the wheel of fortune every day, and with FUN tokens also on the website. You can win RP, lottery tickets, gift cards, BTC - up to $15,000!
And I did not write about every profits ftom this site anyway!

My link:
I will be glad if you use it. Especially that when there are at least 25 active users, I give 25% of the BTC amount collected by me from RP for the best ones.

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