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Good morning everyone! Welcome back to ScamBuster!

Here we have a small update on HyperFund / Hyperverse after some months since my first analysis published in May 2022.

I will not elaborate much since I had already highlighted and explained well how this project works in the previous article.

You can find the deep analysis here

I had already shared with you my doubts about this project, especially looking at the past of its founder.

Today there seems to be no trace left of him. In late 2021 and early 2022 some leaders had started to leave Hyperfund after the rebrand to Hyperverse.

I’ve seen some of them moving to MetaUtopia and then also MetFi.

I recently wrote my review also about Metfi

Since the beginning of the year the big problems started more and more. From about March, problems with user withdrawals began. At the same time, Hyperverse, had started a new marketing campaign where it was now promoting to give a 400% ROI. They really needed funds to attract new customers it seems.

The worst seems to have come from May 2022 onward when withdrawals seem to have been stopped altogether and many users complained of this problem.

Bad times for founder Ryan Xu. In fact, in December 2021 he also had problems with the cryptocurreny exchange “Blockchain Global” collapsed in October 2021, which he co-founded. Ryan Xu’s name becomes more and more famous and sought after in Australia as well then.

If you want to read more you can check here

What about the Hyperverse coin (HVT)?


I think that this chart doesn’t need further comments.

Just to have a comparison with the charts I brought you in the previous article, let us now see if the situation has changed on the old coins in the Hyperfund ecosystem.


HyperCash same situation.


HyperDAO? Well, no comment.


MOF? A missed twin.

All this to make you think about what?

In my opinion there is not much to add. For those who should still consider these projects promising, they will be very likely to lose money into them.

Keep in mind to be very careful with any kind of participation that is proposed to you, especially if it seems too good to be true. If you do not understand something, study it thoroughly before risking your capital the possible scams.

Can the HyperFund/Hyperverse/HyperNation/Hypereverything case be considered closed?

As of now, I think so!

See you at the next ScamBuster review (or update)!

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ScamBuster - Where the light enters into the dark
ScamBuster - Where the light enters into the dark

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