Twitter jumping on the "Tips" Bandwagon - but a flawed service!

By SBenbow | SBenbow | 8 May 2021

Twitter has launched a new, but flawed, "Tip Jar".

What is the flaw? 

Data Protection!

What is the Twitter "Tip Jar"?

Currently it has only been rolled out to an initial Test Group.

"Tip Jar allows people to add external links to their third-party payment accounts so others can send them tips directly through those third-party services." It allows "people (to) support them by sending them monetary tips via those third-party payment services".



The third-party payment service is PayPal.

Essentially, similar to Publish0x, but for Twitter.  If you like the content, you can "tip" - but from your own money.

What is the Flaw?

When you "tip" using PayPal, your personal details, including email, are sent to the recipient.


This may not be a worrysome thing with family and friends, but what about famous people you follow, institutions, newspapers, etc?  Who knows where your personal data may end up?  It could be sold.  It could be subject to a hacking attack as a known email address can be linked to PayPal.

Twitter and PayPal are working to correct this.  Twitter have updated their T&C's saying that payments may not be anonymous.  They are both looking at a "No Address Needed" payment method.

But please just be careful with your own personal data.


Well, it seems to me that Crypto and Blockchain are pretty secure and don't give away any personal data details.

Perhaps Twitter should switch to Crypto?

Or perhaps PayPal (with it's new venture into Crypto) should use blockchain technology instead of their "traditional" method of payments where you can't send anonymous transactions!


A good concept, but needs to better thought out.  Long live Publish0x!!!

Note : All of my articles are my own work and relate to my own personal experience.  Investing is always at your own risk.

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