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Google V Presearch: Dawn of Justice

By athira_crypt | say_yes_to_tech | 20 Mar 2021

The search industry has always been under the hands of Google, no matter how many competitors comes to the space. Duckduckgo and Bing which are in the second and third position, only hold around 10% in the overall search market. Duckduckgo has managed to grow its user base in the name of privacy, but that's not literally enough comparing to the gigantic user base of Google. Most people don't even care about the privacy concern. If you are asking why people are not opting for other alternatives, the answer is simple - "Google is better and enough". But that's not true, every industry can make changes as the technology progress. Good alternatives tend to exist under the radar. Presearch is one such example, providing blazing fast results equally competitive to Google. Presearch is one of the top 5 projects in the crypto space and one of the prominent players in web 3.0.

I am going to point out some advantages of Presearch, like why it is better and why we need to opt Presearch instead of Google.

Decentralization and Privacy

A prominent advantage of Presearch and a character that differentiates itself from other search projects is decentralization. The result outcome of decentralization is better privacy. The projects that promises you better privacy, may not be secure as you think because every search projects including Google and Duckduckgo uses centralized servers to store and pass information. The data can be leaked or hacked. It is also a well known that Google is  tracking their users. Presearch, being different from all other projects doesn't use centralized servers, instead it relies on community users to run the decentralized nodes. It is impossible to track a user, because a single search query travels through different nodes. Decentralization also paves a way to cache results in the user nodes and serve the user at a faster pace. 

                                   Centralized vs Decentralized


Do anyone know the fact that Google earns 70% of the income just from the search industry. Yeah, it may be shocking to hear but that's how big the Google search has evolved. They earn billions from search and forgot to reward the users who provide the search, which is a major drawback. After seeing the tech giants monopoly Presearch comes with a new initiative which no other search engines have done before, to reward its users with crypto currency. Presearch have their own cryptocurrency -PRE which is valued at 0.1$. For every search done in the site user is given a reward of 0.13 PRE. In addition to this, users can run their own nodes to earn pre as well as support the network. 


Keyword Staking

Keyword staking is a revolutionary concept introduced by Presearch, which may change the way advertising platforms work. In simple terms, the advertiser who intends to post an ad has to select a keyword (for example bitcoin) and stake a minimum of 1000 PRE. If the keyword is already staked by another advertiser, the present advertiser should stake more PRE than the previous stake. The problem with the traditional ad platform is that only search engine knows who is bidding and how much the bids are, making the ad platform a blackbox. Presearch is also providing free traffic to the keywords that users have staked. This makes keyword staking a profitable business for advertisers.


In addition to the above advantages, Presearch is also highly customizable with thousands of providers to choose from. Presearch also supports dark theme, which was a recent addition by the developers.

Step by step procedure to add Presearch in Brave browser
  • Open Brave browser
  • Go to the Presearch main engine by clicking on the link
  • Search any random word
  • Go to Settings -> Search engine -> Manage search engines
  • You will see listed in other search engines.
  • Click on the three dots and select 'Make default'
  • That's it you have made Presearch has your default search engine

Same procedure for Brave mobile browser and Google chrome

Brave Browser

                                    other search engines

Brave Browser(mobile) look in standard tab

                                Standard tab in browser

Sign up today and earn 25 PRE (2.5$).


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