Crypto: My Bitcoin Tube Overview - Withdrawal Proof - Watch and Earn Bitcoin

By Save It Clint | Save It Clint | 15 Nov 2019

Hello everyone!

Do you want to earn bitcoin from watching Youtube videos? Do you want to bring traffic to your Youtube channel? If you answered "YES" to either question then check out this platform I'm in. I'll discuss what My Bitcoin Tube is, and show withdrawal proofs. Thanks for watching! Check out my other programs.

Remember these platforms are risky so please do your research and make educated decisions before using these types of platforms. Start off small if possible to test things. Best of luck to us all!

Also join the official MBT group on facebook to see the community.

Join MyBitcoinTube Here:


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Save It Clint
Save It Clint

Just a guy intrigued by crypto and blockchain technology. I'm mostly interested in ways of saving or earning money so I can achieve financial freedom. Where will my journey take me?

Save It Clint
Save It Clint

This blog is for me to showcase the various ways I earn and save money. This blog is also to document my journey in the crypto world by giving reviews and status updates on the various crypto related platforms I'm involved with. Some are risk free such as bitcoin faucets while others carry great risk such as trading platforms. Find me on Youtube to see other ways I save and earn money. Come follow me on my journey!

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