Paystyle Records wins Detroit Award Program award for 2020!

Paystyle Records Inc. receives the 2020 Best Of Detroit Award in the TV, Film, and Radio Productions Category by the Detroit Awards Program!

By KilSkillz Sacue | Sauce Sight | 28 May 2020

You know what's really contagious? Success, when you are doing it right with the right people! The Detroit Award Program recognizes this in all walks of business and that's why they send out Awards.

Paystyle Records Inc. receives the 2020 Best Of Detroit Award in the TV, Film, and Radio Productions category by the Detroit Awards Program. They have just been granted this award because of how Paystyle Records promoted and marketed "Time Is Money", "No Pain", "Stick YaSelf", and their record label, as the city was going through bankruptcy and tough times. They still managed to come up with creative ways to get quality to the people.

What a business style Rap group with a professional grind, like it says on the awards. So, if you want and need hot music for your films, TV shows, radio stations and other media then you should contact Paystyle Records. 

The Detroit Award Program says "Each year, the Detroit Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Detroit area a great place to live, work, and play."






Best of 2020 Detroit

Presented by: Detroit Award Program.

So, check out the dope music of BK and Paystyle Records Inc. making connections. Songs like, King Sauce Brick, a collaboration with Kilskillz Sauce and Cipher 7000 that you can only exclusively find on Musicoin right now. It's free to listen to all the music on the Musicoin system, but you can start your own profile and tip your favorite artist with the Musicoin cryptocurrency. 

Also, the 1st Lady of Paystyle Records, Queen Dyna, is always keeping it building and growing with her poetry. And now, with her latest business, Queen Dyna Projects LLC. To learn more about her business you should read this article on Queen Dyna written in The Metro Times. Plus, hear her dope lyrics on Time is Money.

Listen to, Time Is Money, on Spotify, Apple Music, and see more on YouTube. Plus, more of your favorite channels or underground channels. Pay styles are always good business. Time is Money and Paystyle Records Inc. has got the right Rap product for you!

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By Kilskillz Sauce

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