XANTO x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 12th of September

XANTO x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from 12th of September

Hello, Satoshi clubbers! Another AMA took place in Satoshi Club and we would like to introduce to you the AMA session with our friends from Xan.to and our guests were @TOMTOKI @woj_woj and @motif24365 . The AMA took place on 12 September

The AMA session was divided into 3 parts with a total crypto reward pool of 500$

In this AMA Recap, we will try to summarise the most interesting points for you.

Part 1 — introduction and questions from the Telegram community

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Hello again, dear Satoshi Club community! We are pleased to announce AMA with Xan.to

D. | Satoshi Club: today our guests — @TOMTOKI @woj_woj and @motif24365 !

Tomasz Tokarski: Hello!

Wojciech Wójcik: Hello

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Hello and welcome to Satoshi Club, guys

D. | Satoshi Club: hello guys! finally, this is time for your AMA

Tomasz Tokarski: Once again Hi!

D. | Satoshi Club: haha hello!

good to have you all here

let’s begin our AMA!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Pozdrowienia

Tomasz Tokarski: Wow Polish!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: that’s all what I know

D. | Satoshi Club: i know you live very close to Poland

Tomasz Tokarski: Dziękuję is Thanks

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thanks for joining guys!

Sam S: Hello All, Excited to be here with Satoshi Community and what we bring is a utility token with a difference

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Yes Ukraine and Poland are fraternal countries

D. | Satoshi Club: sounds interesting

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: So… Let’s start! Introduce yourself please. How did you get to be involved in crypto & Xan.to

Tell us please about your position in Xan.to

Tomasz Tokarski: I am CEO and Admin and Creator of Xanto Company — producer of Xanthohumol

Xanto is the world’s only producer of the cleanest Xanthohumol on the market (over 99.8%). We deliver Xanthohumol in industrial quantities which means kilograms — not grams!

Xanthohumol is produced using a fully natural method by extraction of hop cones based on a unique patent registered in more than 40 countries around the world.

Xanthohumol is a natural compound with a range of properties that have a significant positive impact on the functioning of the human body, such as antioxidant, anticancer and anti-inflammatory effects, and their strength is incomparably greater than that of currently known compounds.

With the popularity of the digital financial world growing at a dizzying pace, and Blockchain-based technologies in particular, we’ve decided to move with the times and bring you new opportunities.

XAN is a utility token that can be exchanged for a commodity (https://xan.to/xan-tokens). In this particular case, the commodity is a natural extract from hop cones — xanthohumol (https://xan.to/xanthohumol/%22%20%5Ct%20%22_blank).

The XAN token is built on the TRON Blockchain decentralized technology platform based on the TRC-20 technical standard, which is used to create smart contracts and implement tokens.

We start the actual project on September 15 and are currently in the pre-sales stage. In this phase, we are offering XAN tokens at just $1 USDT. In the regular program, the XAN token price starts at 2 USDT and increases proportionally over a 24-week period to a target price of 7 USDT. This price ($7 USDT) is equivalent to only 10% of the benchmark price for xanthohumol, which is the price offered by Sigma Aldrich (approximately $70 per 1 mg). 1 XAN will be approximately exchangeable for 1 mg of xanthohumol.

The XAN tokens are part of a larger project under development, which is EMCODEX (https://emcodex.org/%22%20%5Ct%20%22_blank) (https://emcodex.org).

EMCODEX stands for: Emerging Commodity Decentralized Exchange. The so called commodity market is nothing else than a market, where theoretically goods should be traded, however from the point of view of a potential participant in this market (producer) it is no longer a market, where the real exchange of goods takes place, but it is mainly controlled by speculators, such as banks, financial institutions or various types of funds. The aim of this project is to remove the current barriers to direct entry into the commodity market by producers of various types of products that currently exist in the commodity market or face barriers to entry, bypassing the entire chain of intermediaries that force producers to cut margins.

Wojciech Wójcik: Hi, my name is Wojtek and I usually deal with things that are not visible on the outside.I take care of backoffice, billing and making sure everything we do makes sense. I am CFO of the project.

Tomasz Tokarski: I also came up with the idea to create a trading market for That commodities like XN

Sam S: I am Sim, I look after strategy and marketing for Xan.to It began with an Tomasz vision to provide a commodity backed by a Token and bring value to investors and have a use case as well. By the way I am the only one based in Australia

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Why blockchain? Is the dietary supplement market functioning so well?

D. | Satoshi Club: thank you! that’s a lot of info about project, i think you even answered some of questions from our first part already

Tomasz Tokarski: Block Chain is perfect solution for that the unique compound not supplement!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Also we would like to know more about your team. Who is on the project team core?

Sam S: Xanthohumol if researched is not your average supplement, you will be surprise to know how much 1 mg of it costs, I do not want to ruin the quiz

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: @TOMTOKI @woj_woj @motif24365 I think you guys are followers of a healthy lifestyle.

Tomasz Tokarski: Cybernetics: me and Wojtek University of Gdansk in Poland

Mario CTO is IT professional

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: This means your team is not anonymous.

Not very big but friendly team

Thanks for great introduction, we have several questions which were selected for the 1st part. Ready to start?

Wojciech Wójcik: Several people with different specialties. As Tom mentioned we graduated in cybernetics from the University of Gdansk. Our professional life was mostly connected with financial markets. Tomek worked in many banks and I was a CFO in different entities.

Mariusz is an engineer and does programming.

Tomasz Tokarski: SIm is our Ausie man from Sydney

He is responsible on Strategy

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Dream team

Wojciech Wójcik: Of course, it’s not the whole team, but its key figures. Sam might write something about himself on his own.

Tomasz Tokarski: Mario from NY USA

We are at Linked-in

Wojciech Wójcik: You can always find us on LinkedIn

Sam S: I am Dual Masters from Germany and Australia and look after operations, lean processed and effective decision making amongst the group with Wojtek

It is indeed a dream team with Tomasz Vision combined

Tomasz Tokarski: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tomtok/

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thanks for sharing

Sam S: Happy for you to ask the questions

Tomasz, Wojtek I am sure are ready

Q1 from Telegram User @Jonahapagu

Besides the manufacturing of bioactive molecules, XANTO is said to also operate in the food, agriculture, beekeeping, forestry, veterinary, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries, and has collaborations with national as well as international research institutes and universities for continuous improvement in their products and manufacturing methods. So what are the operations of XANTO in the food, agriculture, beekeeping, forestry, veterinary, pharmaceutical, and healthcare industries, what do you do related to the mentioned industries, with what research institutes and universities are you collaborating, and what are the examples of research being carried out by XANTO in partnership with either the research institutes or Universities

Tomasz Tokarski: What is the Q?

OK I see!

D. | Satoshi Club: @Jonahapagu i think you forgot the question mark

Tomasz Tokarski: Today we are absolutely everywhere! In all industries but always from the position of a XANTHOHUMOL PRODUCER!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: you won’t joke with university professors @Jonahapagu

Wojciech Wójcik: We are researching pilot products for each of these industries. The market is looking forward to indicating the use of xanthohumol in their industry.

The bee products market was the area we started with. Our product is Apis Plus.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: What does it look like?

Tomasz Tokarski: Our specialist laboratory that tests our Xanthohumol is PHYTOLAB in Germany

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Pills or medicines? I’m confused

Tomasz Tokarski: and the Polish Academy of Sciences PAN

Wojciech Wójcik: We are working with Prof. Mila Emerald from Canada (you can easily google her).

Sam S: The research is very complex, the use case of Xanthahumol is everywhere, let me give you an example:

Xanthohumol (XN) and related compounds were evaluated for their effects on

modulating interleukin (IL)-12 production, the most important driver of the T1

helper immune response. XN showed the strongest inhibitory effect on IL-12

production in macrophages stimulated by lipopolysaccharide (LPS) or

LPS/interferon-γ. Xanthohumol 4′-O-β-D-glucopyranoside (XNG) inhibited IL12 production less effectively than XN. Isoxanthohumol and 8-prenylnaringenin

showed comparatively less inhibitory effect on IL-12 production than XNG. (7-

O-β-D-glucopyranoside (2S)-5-methoxy-8-prenylonaringenin had no effect on

IL-12 production. Next, we tested how these compounds affected the binding

activity of NF-κB to the κB site in the nucleus. The compounds inhibited κB

binding in macrophages with the same degree of potency as IL-12 inhibition. In

addition, we examined whether XN, which showed the most effective reduction

in IL-12 production, alleviated skin inflammation. Chronic allergic contact

dermatitis, an experimental model of psoriasis, was used to determine the antiinflammatory effects of XN in vivo.

In conclusion, XN may be effective as an anti-inflammatory agent in reducing

skin inflammation by inhibiting IL-12 production

This research relates to Skin Inflammation and resouces is https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/


Tomasz Tokarski: The pharmaceutical area we’re getting now — it’s complicated procedures.

Sam S: This is just a very small example…

Tomasz Tokarski: We are currently a biotech company but next year we are going public as a pharmaceutical company

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: sorry, I could not open the link

Sam S: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1567576910000615

Please try again

D. | Satoshi Club: works perfectly now

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: This link has opened! thanks

Tomasz Tokarski: Currently in the Japanese market, our partners in Japan are introducing an alcoholic beverage with 10 mg of Xanthohumol per 1 liter of liquid with preventive effects against Alzheimer’s disease

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: This is a very huge area of application.

Tomasz Tokarski: In Canada, Professor Mila Emerald introduces a cosmetic combination with Xanthohumol…Xanthohumol is the most powerful antioxidant

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thanks for great answers

Tomasz Tokarski: Approximately 30 applications are currently being developed — based on studies in the preclinical stage for various ailments

Wojciech Wójcik: In general, at this stage of development, we have focused on production-related issues. It takes a lot of time and resources to do research on our own, and we are not a research company but a manufacturing company. In the near future, we will start building our production facility and laboratory, and we will put more emphasis on research.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: clear answer! thanks

Tomasz Tokarski: I invite to www.xan.to

to R&D divison


Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club:By the way, I recommend adding this link to Twitter, it will increase your audience.

Tomasz Tokarski: OK!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Let’s proceed to the next question

Tomasz Tokarski: We are ready!

D. | Satoshi Club:

for me was a bit problem to find site today

Sam S: Sure Less Tech, More BioTech with a difference!, let us get to the next question

Q2 from Telegram User @JaviSuBs™

Hello Xanto, everything that is said on the page about the product Xanthohumol is a natural flavonoid and has many benefits since it is an antioxidant, my question is: how can I buy the product, I can only buy it with it XAN Token, or is there another payment method? You can explain us in more details about how to buy the product. If they use blockchain technology, how can I keep track of the production stages? I can track your product without any problem, through what system would it be done? You can give us more details on these points.

Tomasz Tokarski: Both methods: via XAN (retail market) and in traditional way — Wojtek explain it, pls.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: yes how does it work

Tomasz Tokarski: Retail Market: so that the price is affordable for all people!

Wojciech Wójcik: Of course, xanthohumol can be purchased the traditional way after contacting us, however, the regular price is much higher than that offered through tokens. This form of sale is a way for us to achieve the widest possible market reach, even at the expense of a lower price.

Tomasz Tokarski: EVERYTHING is at our WP www.xan.to

We have also our block chain transparency

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Please share your tokenomics with Satoshi Clubbers

Tomasz Tokarski: and again everything is at www.xan.to in QUALITY

he XAN token is built on the TRON Blockchain decentralized technology platform based on the TRC-20 technical standard, which is used to create smart contracts and implement tokens.

We start the actual project on September 15 and are currently in the pre-sales stage. In this phase, we are offering XAN tokens at just $1 USDT. In the regular program, the XAN token price starts at 2 USDT and increases proportionally over a 24-week period to a target price of 7 USDT. This price ($7 USDT) is equivalent to only 10% of the benchmark price for xanthohumol, which is the price offered by Sigma Aldrich (approximately $70 per 1 mg). 1 XAN will be approximately exchangeable for 1 mg of xanthohumol.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: it’s very soon

Wojciech Wójcik: All detailed explanations on how to purchase xanthohumol (exchange for tokens) can be found on our xan.to website.

When it comes to tracking the production process, we use a tool from 3ipk that records all stages of production in the blockchain. You can find it on our site in the submenu under “Quality”.

Tomasz Tokarski: Everything just WORKS!

We sold firs tokens 2 days ago

Wojciech Wójcik: https://xan.to/blockchain-transparency/

Tomasz Tokarski: Please look at www.tronscan.org and type XAN

with that yellow logo

Sam S:


This is an example of actual sample product with xanthahumol and blockchaint transparency

Wojciech Wójcik: How can you exchange XAN for a commodity?

The production of Xanthohumol is a complicated and time-consuming process and the quantities obtained are small. In order to reduce the price as much as possible, we decided to exchange XAN for Xanthohumol by entering into forward transactions.

A forward contract is an agreement to enter into a transaction at a future date, the terms of which are agreed upon in advance. Forward contracts are entered into between two parties without the need for the intermediation of another organization, such as an exchange or clearing house, and thus meet the basic premise for which we introduced XAN.

The absence of an intermediary makes the forward contract an over-the-counter instrument that can be adjusted so that both parties agreeing to the transaction are satisfied with the terms. Forward contracts are most often used to trade commodities, but they are also a popular mechanism for currency exchange.

In a forward contract, the party that agrees to buy the asset takes a long position, hoping that by the settlement date the market value of the asset will rise, and the party that agrees to sell the asset takes a short position, hoping that the market value of the asset will fall. In our case, this is not so important because the pricing terms of our contracts are incomparably more favorable than market conditions. Moreover, the contracts will be relatively short, only 3 months long, so the probability of the market price dropping by 90% (to the price we offer) in such a short time is negligible, if not unrealistic.

We offer two types of Forward contracts, which for the purposes of this program we have named Classic Forward and PrePaid Forward. Each type of contract contains 5 elements: Type of underlying resource, Quantity of resource, Settlement date, Price, Delivery method.

Sam S: Total tokens are 100 Million

Tomasz Tokarski:


Wojciech Wójcik: Blockchain transparency

We are very committed to full transparency and therefore, in cooperation with 3IPK, we are providing a tool that allows you to track each stage of production of our xanthohumol. Thanks to the history of creation of each separate batch of our product recorded in blockchain technology you can easily trace the entire production process from harvesting hop cones or purchasing semi-finished products to the final product. You will also find the various labs and tests that we conduct both during and after the production process before the final product is handed over to you.

This solution also allows you to keep track of the production process so you know at what stage we are and when you can expect the product. Information about the production of a batch will be posted to the blockchain on an ongoing basis.

Each production batch is marked with a unique QR code. By scanning it with your phone, you can see the history of the production process of a particular xanthohumol batch.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: thank you very much for the detailed answers

Tomasz Tokarski: This is the first issue and only for 100 kg of XN… The demand from only 2 contractors is for 4 tons

D. | Satoshi Club: awesome! i think VeChain project using something similar, when we talking about tracking process

Wojciech Wójcik: Exactly

Sam S: No issues, as you can see we have a passionate team about Bio Tech, Use cases and actual products…We want to give as much and actual info to Satoshi Club

Spot on!

D. | Satoshi Club: yes we see this, thanks a lot!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: yes! you, guys, are great

Q3 from Telegram User @Ajpaa

The price of XAN token is said to depends on the moment of its purchased, the sooner the bonus token purchase the lower the price. During this bonus token purchase period, XAN price increase successively from the minimum of 2 USDT/XAN from 15/09/2021 to the maximum of 7 USDT/XAN 02/03/2021. Will XAN token be used only for the purchase of xanthohumol commodity or can community members buy and hold the token? What benefits will users get for holding the token? How do you intend to encourage users to keep holding XAN token so that they don’t buy during this bonus token purchase period at 2 USDT/XAN and sell at 7 USDT/XAN which may have a negative consequence of dump in price?

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Partially answered. But maybe you have something to add

Tomasz Tokarski: From September 15.09 we start the Official XAN BUY/SELL (BID/OFFER) channel

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: And I also wanted to clarify why you chose Tron blockchain for your token?

Tomasz Tokarski: There you will be able to make intraday trades

Jesat is modern, fast and, above all, costs and fees are at the lowest levels

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: then let’s leave it for dessert


Tomasz Tokarski: Above about TRX

We also use extension tronlink.org

It is very simple!

For everybody

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: What benefits will users get for holding the token? How do you intend to encourage users to keep holding XAN token so that they don’t buy during this bonus token purchase period at 2 USDT/XAN and sell at 7 USDT/XAN which may have a negative consequence of dump in price?‌‌ (с)

D. | Satoshi Club: i use it too, great one

Sam S: Not sure if completely covered, but an average reference price of 1 mg of Xanthahumol in market siqnificantly higher than $7, long term if the average price of the token corresponds to anywhere near the refence price then there is defintiely profit in keeping the token and what more you can always use the token to buy the actual product. What better opportunity for Satoshi to take advantage right at the start

Wojciech Wójcik: Of course, you can keep tokens as long as you want. There is no time frame in which to use them or how to use them, i.e. whether to exchange them for Xanthohumol or sell them. Those who buy them faster at a big discount will certainly be in a better position. The market price is so far away from ours that price fluctuations do not matter much for the token’s attractiveness.

Tomasz Tokarski: It also doesn’t make sense to make a purchase of 50 mg XN = $100 with a $15 commission like at USDT

BTW why TRX and tronlink.org

Wojciech Wójcik: We will definitely be repeating promotional programs like this one as interest has exceeded our expectations.

Q4 from Telegram User @Asela1112

You built $XAN token on TRON blockchain as a ERC20 token. Why did you Choose TRON over the Ethereum, Binance, Solana network? Could you please tell us about the $XAN tokenomics? How much is the total supply & What about the transfer fees? What are the opportunities for $XAN users by holding $XAN tokens? Can we buy some $XANs using USDTs? Currently, how much is the price of a single $XAN token? Can you show us about the buying process of products by using $XAN tokens?

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Oops

Wojciech Wójcik: As the value of ETH increases, the fees on the Ethereum blockchain increase. Many users accustomed to using USDT on ERC20 are switching to stablecoin on the TRON blockchain.

In 2021, the number of Tether transactions on the TRON blockchain turned out to be higher than on Ethereum. For a TRC20 transfer, the commission is less than a cent, while an ERC20 transfer costs an average of $6–7.

Tomasz Tokarski: We considered Solan but in sensitivity testing TRX always performed better.

We did over 150 actual transactions 2 days ago and had no problems at all.

Wojciech Wójcik: That is why we decided on the TRON network

D. | Satoshi Club: a small additional question, your tokenomics not include any kind of burning mechanism, just for clarification, the maximum number of tokens of 100 million will always remain the same?

Tomasz Tokarski: We also considered putting up an efficient back office

We have such a mechanism when trading after 15.09 in practice since 22.09

about burning

Sam S: The buying process is simple, due to the demand and a real product we have to include the KYC procedure

Tomasz Tokarski: Besides, the burning also works with the conversion to XN

Wojciech Wójcik: We issued 100 million XAN tokens. Note that this token is reflected in real production and at a very attractive valuation. You can always exchange it for real goods so the traditional “tokenomics” does not apply here.

Sam S:


XAN Token Buying process

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: yes you bring revolutionary ideas to crypto

Tomasz Tokarski: Burning also works with the symmetry of our real market transactions (where prices are $40 per mg) and these proceeds will allow us to redeem XAN tokens

Sam S: Despite having an opportunity to sell it to sophisticated investors in bulk, we wanted to give an opportunity to everyone to be a part of it, of course there are some countries which are prohibited

Wojciech Wójcik: They are currently being offered for just $1 USDT each during the pre-sale period until September 14. From 15 September we start at 2 USDT and over a period of 24 weeks we will gradually increase the price to 7 USDT. Remember that 7 USDT is still only 10% of the market price of Xanthohumol.

Tomasz Tokarski: We invite everyone to TRADING from 22.09

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Pay attention Satoshi Club

Tomasz Tokarski: We will remember!

D. | Satoshi Club: which countries are prohibited and why?

Tomasz Tokarski: Wojtek is a specialist in “forbidden countries”

We pay close attention to this — hence KYC and the simple form procedure

Wojciech Wójcik: We do not offer tokens to U.S. citizens due to U.S. laws and regulations. However, we have already taken steps to obtain the appropriate approvals. Unfortunately this takes time so we did not want to postpone the start of sales

Tomasz Tokarski: North Korea of course…

D. | Satoshi Club:

got it!

Wojciech Wójcik: Therefore, we have introduced the KYC verification procedure in a very simple form.

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Thanks for your answers

Tomasz Tokarski: We have independently sought individual approval from the SEC USA

Q5 from Telegram User @Emidm28

On the Xanto website it says that in order for us to purchase XAN tokens we must follow several steps. First we have to fill out a form and after that we have to complete a KYC process. Why must we previously fill out a form? And why is it a requirement to do KYC? After filling out this form, how long after will we receive our tokens?

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: guys, you are ahead of our questions

D. | Satoshi Club: truuue

Sam S: Part of it is to list out countries that we are unable to sell, hence KYC is a requirement, it is simple though. The process in the diagram is straightforward, by the time the back office has received the funds, the tokens will be distributed within 48 hours if not less

Tomasz Tokarski: After passing the procedure and making the payment, we grant XAN tokens immediately in 6 billing sessions every 4 hours every day — everything is supervised by our Back Office

Wojciech Wójcik: This form is necessary to indicate the network through which you want to make the payment (TRON or ETHEREUM) and the address from which you will make the payment. Only on this basis will we be able to link the payment to the person. In the form you also indicate the address of the wallet to which tokens are to be sent (only in the TRON network). The allocation of tokens takes place within 24 hours of receipt of payment.

KYC is to determine whether you are not a citizen of a country in which we cannot offer tokens

We set a goal of 48 hours at the very beginning, but we got everything done much faster

Remember, this is no longer a startup — we’re acting

D. | Satoshi Club: thank you! i will ask you about NFTs, a small additional question, you know this thing is a ”slightly” popular now…do you have any future plans on this subject?

Sam S: We miss our CTO for this one

D. | Satoshi Club: ohh, so he’s the one who has all info

about this

Wojciech Wójcik: Certainly, we need to move with the times.

Tomasz Tokarski: As much as possible we want NFT to be associated with limited edition products such as limited series of SUN DUST vodkas, unique other products…

We like NFT so much!!

D. | Satoshi Club: haha we love them as well!

many thanks for answers! ready for the last question form part 1?

Tomasz Tokarski: Yes

Q6 from Telegram User @Cheriemike

On 21 July 2021, you received a decision from the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone acting on behalf of the Minister of Development, Labour and Technology, allowing you to acquire 10,000 square meters of land and build a production plant in the special economic zone.At what region where you allowed to acquire such huge square meters of land is it in north-west Poland or north-east Germany?Have you commence the building of the product plant and how long do you plan to finish such project?Will you expand your project across the globe by acquiring more lands in building of more product plant,if yes which countries will you target next after the completion of the one you are in now? Thanks

Tomasz Tokarski: It is a beautiful location by the lake called Zarnowieckie Lake near Gdynia — our headquarters.

There is only one production center due to …. Hops (Humulus Lupulus) from which we obtain our Xanthpohumol.

The hop species in this geographic zone is the best in the world!!!!!

D. | Satoshi Club: i wanna visit that place

on someday i hope…

Tomasz Tokarski: We are, of course, creating sales reps — for today: Canada and the US, Mexico, Japan, Europe and mainly Germany. Australia and New Zealand

Wojciech Wójcik: The location of our future factory is of course Poland. Operating in a special economic zone is associated with numerous benefits, including tax benefits. Our production plant does not require so much space, of course, because it is rather a laboratory production than a large industrial one. We have decided to build a larger area with development and storage space in mind. Remember that hops contain only 0.1 to 1% xanthohumol, so we may need as much as 10 t of hops to produce 1 kg of the substance. Also important is the storage area for production waste, etc.

We estimate the investment implementation time to be about 2 years.

Tomasz Tokarski:


Wojciech Wójcik:


Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: You are doing incredibly important work for society today!

Wojciech Wójcik:


Tomasz Tokarski: This that LAND (for factory)!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: These are very beautiful places

Wojciech Wójcik:


Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: This is how bold goals become life.

D. | Satoshi Club: amazing view, i envy you that are working in such a beautiful place

Tomasz Tokarski: I hope so!

Gold Rocket | Satoshi Club: Beautiful and smart people in a great location

Part 2 — live questions from the Telegram community

Q1 from telegram username @TarJan208

Is it true that usage of Xanthohumol can used in the Treatment of Covid Patients? Is it effective?

Wojciech Wójcik: https://www.dovepress.com/the-potential-role-of-xanthohumol-in-sars-cov-2-treatmentmdashglobally-peer-reviewed-fulltext-article-NDS

Q2 from telegram username @satishgmr

You said that It may not be true that anyone has bought 100% pure Xanthohumol, It may have some undefined substances to it,

But my question is How can Anyone check it its Pure or not?

Wojciech Wójcik: If you browse the internet, you will easily come across many offers to sell “pure” xanthohumol at unbelievably low prices. How is it possible, then, that large chemical companies sell the “same” substance at prices ranging from several million EURO per kilogram upwards, while you find an offer for a few hundred or a few thousand EURO per kilogram?

We have to sadden you, there are no miracles. Producers or sellers of xanthohumol at “super bargain” prices usually use the measure of Purity of the substance expressed in the so-called HPLC Purity. Of course there is nothing wrong with this method, but the devil is usually in the details.

First of all, let’s start by distinguishing between the terms PURITY and ASSAY.

When we use “PURITY” with regard to a compound that’s been analyzed with a chromatographic method we mean the percentage of the signal area of this compound relative to the sum of the areas of all signals in the chromatogram. As complicated as that may sound, it simply means that all signal areas in the chromatogram always add up to 100% simply by definition. An “ASSAY” describes the actual Amount of a given compound as a mass fraction of the mixture at hand, usually measured against an external reference standard of known concentration. One of the implications is that the purity can never be more than 100% (be definition) but the assay can be, due to inevitable errors in measurement.

This also has a few further implications that may not be quite so obvious. First off, as many compounds do not have the same detector response, the relative ratios of their signal areas may not at all correspond to their actual mass fractions in a given mixture. For example, if you compare two compounds, one of which shows twice the absorption at the wavelength you are using for detection (not an unusual phenomenon), it will show double the signal area even if both compounds are present in the same concentration. So either you have to know the relative response factors of those compounds against an external standard of known concentration or at least against each other, or you even have to use an external standard for each of those compounds. The second problem is, that you may have lots of stuff in your mixture you can’t see at all with your detector (usually a UV detector or mass spectrometer in HPLC). A classic example for this may be some organic compound in a mixture with inorganic salts. Those are often not UV active. The result then would be that you may find 100% PURITY by area, but the actual mass fraction (ASSAY) of your compound is a lot less than that. As an example think of a solution of say 5% Phenol in Water. At the usual wavelengths you’d use in UV detection for HPLC (normally something above 180 nm) you’d only detect the Phenol, as it shows a good UV absorption. The water would be “invisible” to your detector. In this case your ASSAY would be 5% but your chromatographic PURITY would be 100%! That is a huge difference! Frighteningly enough, even many professionals in the chemical industry seem not to be aware of this.

Purity and Assay are usually not the same and can even be radically different. The only case where the two values are exactly identical is when the compound you are looking for and all other compounds in your mixture show the same detector response and also make up 100% of your mixture. That’s almost never exactly the case and often it’s a very big difference, as in the above example. To summarize: The PURITY of a product can be more that it’s ASSAY, if your method of detection doesn’t correctly represent the actual mass fraction of said product in the mixture you are looking at.

So when someone offers you Xanthohumol with an HPLC Purity of over 96 or 98%, it does not mean that there is that much Xanthohumol in the total product weight. It may turn out that you have actually bought 50% Xanthohumol by weight and the remaining 50% are undefined substances that may even be harmful to your health!

Wojciech Wójcik: That is why we have our tests conducted in one of the best laboratories in the world — Phytolab in Germany. The laboratory uses 3 methods.

• HPLC analysis;

• Absolute content analysis — calculated considering the chromatographic purity and, if available, the content of water, residual solvents and inorganic impurities according to the following formula: Content = (100% — water content (%) — residual solvents (%) — inorganic impurities (%)) x chromatographic purity (%) / 100;

• Content, derived by chromatographic comparison with the reference substance phyproof® with an assigned absolute purity of 99.01%.

Only such a detailed analysis can tell us how pure xanthohumol really is. For example, a recent study from March 2021 showed the following purity results for our xanthohumol:

• HPLC purity — 99.87%,

• Absolute content — 99.00%

Chromatographic comparison with a reference substance — 97.11%

Q3 from telegram username @rinnguyen

Which “Process” is used in the production of Xanthohumol?

Tomasz Tokarski: We use a globally unique technology patent — the only one in the world. We use the so-called solvent extraction with transition metals (we create special solutions of salts of these metals).

This allows us to obtain industrial quantities of Xanthohumol of the highest purity in the world! Thanks to this extraction we produce Xanthohumol of only natural origin with purity of 99.87% HPLC!

Q4 from telegram username @Nooksiya


Wojciech Wójcik: We plan to officially launch our program on September 15. Detailed terms and conditions can be found at https://xan.to/xan-tokens. So the current promotional period at $1 USDT each will last until midnight on September 14.

We are currently in the pre-sale stage on “super promotional” terms, i.e. more favorable than any other promotion provided in the regular sale (September 15 we start at 2 USDT for 1 XAN).

Super promotion means selling 1 XAN for at most 1 USDT because when allocating tokens at this stage we do not make a detailed conversion of TRX or USDT to XAN but we always “round up” the amount of XAN to full XAN (XAN is divisible to 8 decimal places). This is not a simple mathematical rounding up, but a discretionary “rounding up” with a large upside. So by getting more tokens than the mathematical conversion, its effective price is always less than 1 USDT. You usually get more tokens than the simple math implies. We do this on a discretionary basis taking into account, for example, the amount of a single transaction. So someone may get more tokens and someone less for proportionally the same amount, but always more than if we converted XAN at 1 USDT.

Q5 from telegram username @doithay1617


You said: “We invite everyone to TRADING from 22.09”, but where will users participate in trading? What exchange will $XAN be listed on?

@TOMTOKI @woj_woj and @motif24365

Tomasz Tokarski: It will be internal chanel OFFICIAL XAN BUY / SELL (BID / OFFER) at Telegram

Q6 from telegram username @Cheriemike2

What will be the gram of Xanthohumol when added in water?And what potential role does Xanthohumol play in SAR-CoV-2 treatment?

Wojciech Wójcik: Xanthohumol is highly hydrophobic and virtually insoluble in water. This is best illustrated by the attached video.


Wojciech Wójcik: But, when you mix xanthohumol with e.g. rice protein, see what happens in water

Q7 from telegram username @Jonahapagu


The XAN tokens are said the be a part of a larger project under development, which is EMCODEX which stands for Emerging Commodity Decentralized Exchange. So how does EMCODEX work, what are the features of this Decentralized commodity exchange, what kinds of commodities can users trade in the exchange, How can users access and use the EMCODEX for Commodity trading and what progress have you made in the development of EMCODEX..

Sam S: EMCODEX is a decentralized commodities exchange (DEX) focusing on products and emerging product commodities. Anyone is allowed to list and standardize a new commodity without the need of a central authority permission. This project is worth checking as well with a native EMCO token. XAN will be one of the emerging commodity listed on EMCODEX.

Q8 from telegram username @LioM30

Hello Sir,

What are the benefits of XanthoHumol product? And Do XanthoHumol products have any side effects? If Not, How can users collect the product? And Can you share a link to the product or contract address?

Thank You

Tomasz Tokarski: [ File : Xantohumol_properties_main_EN.docx ]

Propoerties of Xanthohumol

Q9 from telegram username @Ajpaa


The price of the xanthohumol commodity is said to depends on the quantity bought and the method of its purchase which is either Classic Forward or PrePaid Forward transaction. How can we buy xanthohumol? what is the price of xanthohumol and how is the price of xanthohumol related with the quantity bought and the method of it’s purchase? Is xanthohumol sold in different size range with different price range? Thank you.

Sam S: The standard XAN token price is fixed at $7 USDT/XAN. By the standard price of XAN is meant the target price, as our program promotes token buyers who decide to purchase tokens faster. The period in which you can purchase XAN at the promotional price is 24 weeks from the start of the program and each week the price will increase proportionally to the target price of 7 USDT/XAN. The benefit is huge as the price in the first week is only 2 USDT/XAN. The table is provided on the website and also explanation on Prepaid and classic forward contract, We intend to bring a simple explainer video as it may be complicated for some.

Q10 from telegram username @TTrillion2000

Hello Sir,

How do I get the latest updates about your platform? Do you have any other popular Media or Do you want to expand your Social Media? And How do you differentiate yourself from your Competitors?

Sam S: Strongly suggest to follow us on Telegram, do not miss out the opportunities at the start, it may be the best time https://t.me/XANOfficialGroup

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