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Project NFracTion ($NFTA)

The NFT market is more massive now than it has ever been. With many natives, enthusiasts and investors realising the value of staying on the side of these ever-accelerating digital assets, their worth has increased tremendously.Currently, the NFT market is worth more than 7 billion USD. This value is not a surprise as the NFT market has witnessed mind-blowing growth as the sales of NFTs shoot at 2 billion USD or a near value. This is a rather huge increase from the 400 million USD monthly sales volume
 at the beginning of the year. The increase in sales volume is what has helped NFTs grow to be worth more than 7 billion USD. Just by building a marketplace for assets not easily converted to cash such as collectables, art
 (digital art), games, music and others, the NFT realm is set to wax stronger in the coming years. NFTs are particularly useful because they tackle the challenge of infusing liquidity into normally illiquid assets.Away from the increase in NFT sales, a rise in the dollar value of many digitised tokens has
 played a prominent role in raising the value of NFTs in the market.

Fractionalized NFTs is Getting a Lot of Traffic


Fractionalized NFTs are set to revolutionize crypto collectables. They provide a novel way to invest in NFTs by dividing ownership. A standard NFT is initially deposited into a blockchain address that is protected by a smart contract. Next in line with this is that investors can buy then buy partial ownership of the digital asset.

Several benefits accompany this approach to distributing NFTs. The very obvious reason is that it makes investing in NFT more affordable. Some NFTs are sold for outrageous amounts, even shooting for millions of dollars. By fractionalizing NFTs, more of it will be bought and more investors will patronize the NFT space. 
Because of the high pricing, NFTs are frequently purchased by affluent individuals and companies, making them incredibly expensive for smaller investors. Fractionalized NFTs deal with this problem by lowering token values, which are frequently below $100 or even as low as $1.

Fractionalized NFTs are also beneficial to artists who may find it difficult to sell their NFT for a high price because of the low demand for it. Fractionalizing NFT can help these artists gain big for their work by selling it in parts. They could even earn more than selling it in the old conventional way.

It’s also worth noting that fractionalized NFTs might make conventional NFT ownership possible. In other circumstances, a single affluent investor can buy the entire fractionalized NFT.

There are a number of brilliant NFT marketplaces out there that offer amazing fractionalized NFT. One of the bests is NFracTion. NFracTion is so unique that it stands out favorably to artists and investors. They’re known to provide the best experience for any user.

What is NFracTion?


NFracTion offers everyone an opportunity to become a part of the NFT world of the future. NFracTion as already mentioned is a unique project. It is a spectacular NFT Fractionalizer that “cuts” digitized art into puzzle pieces. NFracTion through this “cutting” of digital art gives more value for art collectors and higher profit than the regular single-piece NFT.

NFracTion’s marketplace is built with exceptional care to give users a great experience. In its initial stage, NFracTion is tailored towards sports lovers or what they call the “sports fan community”. The acclaimed fractionalizer has entered into a number of partnerships with sports-concerned organizations in line to launch NFTs.

Still, in an attempt to make its user experience brilliant, NFracTion announced its partnership with Chainlink on November 10. The top-notch NFT marketplace integrated Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on Ethereum and BSC mainnets. This provides NFracTion access to a tamper-proof and auditable source of randomness needed to share NFT raffle prizes and airdrops fairly.

With this new partnership in place, NFT raffles and airdrops can be received by users of NFracTion fairly and equitably, leading to a much more exciting, credible and fraud-free experience.

Features of Project NFracTion

Fractionalized NFTs

With NFracTion, innovation has been taken to the next level by introducing Fractionalized NFTs. While the NFT space has grown tremendously in terms of marketplaces, prospects, and rewards, artists (sellers) and purchasers continue to face obstacles. Liquidity is a difficulty for sellers, and the high price of individual items means purchasers have limited access.

Fractionalized NFTs split digital arts into puzzle pieces, allowing numerous individuals to own the same NFT. Because artwork can be divided into several ‘puzzle’ parts, this gives sellers additional liquidity. Even with this Simultaneously, individual NFT puzzle pieces are more accessible to buyers and retail dealers.

Cross-chain Marketplace

The very first cross-chain marketplace, NFracTion, expands the array of opportunities that NFTs provide. The marketplace constraints on blockchain networks are amongst the difficulties in the present NFT landscape. As a result, buyers and sellers on marketplaces based on the Ethereum blockchain must pay significant transaction costs.

The NFracTion marketplace proposes a cross-chain marketplace concept. It will add NFTs minted on the Cardano blockchain to its fractionalization capabilities. The marketplace will provide a one-of-a-kind experience with fractionalized NFTs and puzzle packs, as well as a trading and minting platform for NFTs.

Personalized NFT

The NFractiion ecosystem features a one-of-a-kind feature called personalized NFT, which allows it to supply original novelties tailored to the sports market. Fans can get their favourite team’s individually tailored GIF shirts. The user selects the team, number, and name for the GIFs on the platform.

Key Token Metrics and Token Allocation

The $NFTA coin is the NFracTion ecosystem’s utility token. On September 30th, 2021, the platform will launch its IDO on the Occam Razar Launchpad. The maximum supply of $NFTA is 100,000,000.00 NFTA and the total supply of $NFTA is 100,000,000 NFT. Currently, the total amount of $NFTA circulating in the market and available for trade is 15,000,000. The total market value for the currently circulating supply of $NFTA is 556,445 USD. With a 24-hour trading volume of $2,988.36, the current NFTA price is $0.037098269632.

The NFTA was allocated 45,000,000 (45%) for sale, 15,000,000 (15%) NFTA to the team. The treasury reserve as important as it is was assigned 20,000,000 (20℅) NFTA. And, 20,000,000 (20%) for the community.

Community and Social Channels


The NFracTion Website
You can find out all you need to know about NFracTion on the NFracTion website.
NFracTion’s Official Telegram Page(English)
Get connected with thousands of NFracTion’s users and lovers on the NFracTion telegram page. Find answers to most if not all of your questions.

NFracTion’s Telegram Announcement Page(English)
Stay up to date with the latest updates from NFracTion on their telegram announcement page.

NFracTion’s Twitter (English)
Connect with other NFraction lovers and crypto enthusiasts on the NFracTion Twitter page

NFracTion’s Discord
Join the conversation and stay in the know on the NFracTion Discord page.

NFracTion’s Instagram
Join the NFracTion Facebook community to bond with a community of other NFT users, artists and investors.

NFracTion’s Reddit
Join the NFracTion Reddit community.

NFracTion’s Medium
Read up amazing articles about NFracTion’s and their partnerships with amazing brands in the crypto space on NFracTion’s Medium account.

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