OASIS x Satoshi Club AMA Recap from the 04th of November.

On November 4, we were visited by friends from the Oasis Network with whom we held an AMA.

With the Oasis Network, we can build a better internet — one that protects the data rights of individual users, while enabling fundamentally new use-cases and applications.

Short about AMA:


–Cosentino @lcosent Luca,

–Jon Poole @CoincidenceJon — Community Manager Business Development for Oasis

–Andrew Miller @oasismiller20 product marketing

–AMA divided into 3 parts

–Reward poll 900$



Mary | Satoshi Club: Hello again,Satoshi Club! We are happy to announce our AMA session with Oasis! Welcome to Satoshi Club

D| Satoshi Club: Hello hello

@CoincidenceJon hello! welcome to Satoshi club!

Jon Poole: Thank you

very happy to be here!

Mary | Satoshi Club: How are you today?)

Jon Poole: I’m doing very well, thank you. Yourself?

Mary | Satoshi Club: We as well) so, let’s start?)

Could you please introduce yourself and how did you start with Oasis?)

Jon Poole:

Let’s have a great AMA!

Luca Cosentino: Hi everyone. I am Luca, I am Italian and live in SF. My background is in Product at P&G, AmEx, and Google. I moved to the US for an MBA at UC Berkeley. Having experienced how large enterprises and consumers deal with data, I had an idea around creating a better technology that creates a fair way to enable data collaborations. I met with prof. Dawn Song at UC Berkeley while she was working on starting Oasis; I absolutely loved the vision and decided to join her company.

Andrew Miller | Oasis: Hi folks! Excited to be here. I run product marketing here at Oasis, I have a background working in startups, and have always been passionate about privacy — so Oasis and it’s vision really resonated with my interests. I joined about two years ago.

Mary | Satoshi Club: Welcome to Satoshi Club

Jon Poole: Thank you, for having us this morning! I’m Community Manager and Business Development for Oasis! I first joined Oasis back in June 2018 and it’s been an incredible journey along the way. My blockchain background comes from the private investor side, so naturally, when evaluating Oasis as a scalability solution during the scaling wars of 2018 my mind was expanded to see what Dawn Song’s vision had in store for the blockchain, and I had to be a part of it!

D| Satoshi Club: @oasismiller20 @lcosent hello! Welcome to Satoshi club!

Mary | Satoshi Club: It was a long way and now, as I understand, you are a few steps from Launch, right?)

Jon Poole: We’re at the final step! Currently, we’re in Mainnet Beta which has transfers disabled, but we’re expecting Mainnet very soon!

D| Satoshi Club: And what is Oasis? could you tell us briefly as a part of our intro

Jon Poole: The Oasis Network is the first privacy-enabled scalable blockchain platform for open finance and a responsible data economy. Combined with its high throughput and secure architecture, the Oasis Network is able to power private, scalable DeFi, revolutionizing Open Finance and expanding it beyond traders and early adopters to a mass market. Its unique privacy features can not only redefine DeFi but also create a new type of digital asset called Tokenized Data that can enable users to take control of the data they generate and earn rewards for staking it with applications — creating the first-ever responsible data economy.

The community has seen a lot of progress in the last few months. Just recently we successfully launched Mainnet Beta with a large pool of validator nodes. This is a huge step for the community and the last major milestone before Mainnet.

We’ve also recently announced major partnerships and projects being built on the network including a new privacy-first genome sequencing integration with Nebula Genomics where customers can own their genome data, a new CryptoSafe alliance with Binance to help combat crypto fraud, and a new Ethereum compatible compute environment built by Second State on the Oasis Network — allowing us to support all existing DApps on Ethereum with better performance and lower gas fees.

Here are links to each:

– Nebula Genomics: https://medium.com/oasis-protocol-project/giving-users-control-of-their-genomic-data-3354a3b89d56

– CryptoSafe Alliance with Binance: https://medium.com/oasis-protocol-project/oasis-labs-joins-forces-with-binance-to-launch-cryptosafe-alliance-and-decentralized-platform-for-1e3964d8531

– Ethereum compatible ParaTime: https://medium.com/oasis-protocol-project/second-state-launches-oasis-ethereum-paratime-on-oasis-network-f824f656503b

D| Satoshi Club: Yeah, now I need time to read all of this

Jon Poole: I could flood you for DAYS with reading material


Mary | Satoshi Club: We need a long vacation to read everything)

D| Satoshi Club: Haha thanks!

Mary | Satoshi Club: A lot of info and tones of work done by the team

I saw your partners on the Oasis site and was impressed

Jon Poole: The team has been working hard for over 2.5 years building a working platform, unlike most projects who launch their token before actually building what they promise…

Andrew Miller | Oasis: Thank you

An important goal for the project is to ensure that both DApp developers and enterprises can use our platform.

Mary | Satoshi Club: Ahaha, you can’t imagine, how right are your words)

Thank you for the intros

and now questions from our community are waiting in the line

ready for them?)

Andrew Miller | Oasis: Yeah! Let’s do it

Jon Poole: We have an amazing network of partners, and it’s growing! We just announced our partnership with Balancer https://medium.com/oasis-protocol-project/defis-breakout-moment-20482017a44f


Mary | Satoshi Club: Wow, congrats on one more

Andrew Miller | Oasis: Yeah! Let’s do it

Jon Poole: Ready

D| Satoshi Club: Q1 from Telegram User @jpsarmah

How promising are the results from the live Oasis Mainnet Beta and when to expect Mainnet?

Jon Poole: Maybe to an Oasis

Mary | Satoshi Club: Oh, it’s a good idea

Andrew Miller | Oasis: Results look very promising. The Network launched in under a minute and have over 70 validators active on the network. This is really the last final check, if you will, before Mainnet. Everything is exactly the same as Mainnet, except transfers are turned off. So we’re feeling very optimistic about being able to launch Mainnet soon!

Jon Poole: https://www.oasisscan.com/

Come see the network running!

Mary | Satoshi Club: It looks beautiful

Jon Poole: I really like it also!

Mary | Satoshi Club: In the future, which requirements I will need to fulfill to become a validator?)

Jon Poole: Side note: “The Oasis Network is composed of multiple classes of nodes that participate in different committees. The majority of committees have common system configurations for the participant nodes.”

Mary | Satoshi Club: It is a chance for everyone to be involved

Jon Poole: It also provides protection in a very strong way against anyone Node being the “Weakest link in the chain” like other blockchains that make all their Nodes run a specific hardware requirement.

Mary | Satoshi Club: So, attacks on the chain almost impossible?

D| Satoshi Club: 75 validators


Andrew Miller | Oasis: We have a range of different requirements depending on whether you’d like to be a validator Node or run a ParaTime compute environment on the network. Compared to other networks, we have pretty light requirements for validators when it comes to hardware.

You can see all of the requirements and how to setup a node in our documentation here: https://docs.oasis.dev/general/run-a-node/node-operator-overview

Mary | Satoshi Club: Thank you

sure, if for some reasons I won’t be able to become a validator this is very important info for our community) and you will have more users joined

Next question, guys or you want to add something?)

Jon Poole: Impossible is a dangerous word

, but it makes it financially very unattractive. The reward that you would receive to make the attack would be less than the cost to make the attack successful.

Mary | Satoshi Club: Yes, I know precedents from other chains, when attackers got from their actions just financial losses

So, impossible) with small ‘almost’

Andrew Miller | Oasis: haha never say never

Mary | Satoshi Club: We’ll see) so, let’s go forward to the next question?)

Jon Poole: We are at the cutting edge of Computer Science in regards to Privacy within Data, being lead by Professor Dawn Song from UC Berkeley (

the worlds foremost leader in computer science security

). So I feel very confident

Andrew Miller | Oasis: Yeah lets!

D| Satoshi Club: Thank you for the answers! let’s continue

Q2 from Telegram User @cengizhantekin

What does “Genomic Data” actually mean in your ecosystem? Which facilities do you provide users for their Genomic Data?

Andrew Miller | Oasis: Great questions. The Oasis Network is being used by a personal Genome sequencing company to protect and secure your genetic data. Just like other companies in the space, you submit a saliva sample, which Nebula uses to sequence your genome. The data is then analyzed to determine things like your ancestry, your propensity for different diseases, etc.

With the Oasis Network, you own the data that Nebula produces, and are able to control how it is used by Nebula. This means Nebula can’t misuse your data for other purposes, like selling it to pharmaceutical companies, or running unwanted analysis, without your explicit permission.

You can read about it in our blog here

Jon Poole: Next questions please

D| Satoshi Club: Ok!

Q3 from Telegram user @astalavistabby

Your network will have around 1000 transactions per second. Do you think it is enough for a not so distant future if the blockchain will get wider adoption?

@oasismiller20 @CoincidenceJon are you in hurry? if so we can speed up our AMA a bit

Jon Poole:

we will make it work to stay past the hour, we want to give as much to your community as we can!

Andrew Miller | Oasis: Great question. Yes, we think this will be fast enough. As the demand grows, and the network gains more adoption we’ve designed the architecture to be easily updated with customized compute layers that can batch transactions, or be designed to support specific kinds of use cases.

So in short, we think we have the flexibility and scalability features needed to address throughput needs now and in the future.

D| Satoshi Club: Thank you! understood

Mary | Satoshi Club: Did you try to overload the network during the testnet?

Jon Poole: It’s worth noting that Paypal is only 193 tx/s


Mary | Satoshi Club: Great

Andrew Miller | Oasis: Yes! We ran a variety of stress tests on the Network during Testnet and other phases

Mary | Satoshi Club

Amazing, sure everything will work after launch

D| Satoshi Club: Nice! thank you for the answers guys! The next question is coming…

Q4 from Telegram user @iulya_i

Oasis has joined forces with Binance to create an alliance to prevent fraud. Does it mean that you are partners and it will help you list on Binance?

Mary | Satoshi Club

When Binance?

D| Satoshi Club: HaHa

Jon Poole: We were one of Binance Labs’ first investments!


Mary | Satoshi Club: They knew

Andrew Miller | Oasis: We are working with the CryptoSafe alliance (which includes Binance, and we hope many other exchanges!) to combat crypto fraud. We were also funded by Binance Labs as Jon mentioned. That being said, we don’t have much to comment on listing at this time

Check out that blog though.

D| Satoshi Club:

got it

Mary | Satoshi Club: Thanks

Andrew Miller | Oasis: The CryptoSafe Alliance is a great initiative, and we’d love to have more participants

Mary | Satoshi Club: Yes, we need Safer Crypto

to thank you for what you are doing! And as we don’t know exactly when Binance, let’s go to the next question)

D| Satoshi Club: Q5 from Telegram user @nellybarty

On your website, it’s stated that “the percentages and allocations are subject to change as we finalize the logistics for the network and its related programs”. Could you please explain when do you expect to have a settled tokenomics and by which % can these figures change?

Jon Poole: If you’re interested to learn about the Rose token and the token metrics


Andrew Miller | Oasis: The token allocations are largely settled at this point, we left that clause in there as we were in the process of finalizing some community grants and programs such as the ROSE Garden with Coinlist.

If folks haven’t heard, we recently launched a program with Coinlist that allows you to earn ROSE by locking up USDC or USDT. We encourage folks to check it out! You can register today on their site here: https://coinlist.co/oasis

D| Satoshi Club: Is there a minimum for locking?

Jon Poole: $5 — $2,000 USDT/USDC

D| Satoshi Club:


Mary | Satoshi Club: You choose so beautiful name for your token

Jon Poole: There’s a beautiful meaning behind it also!




Mary | Satoshi Club: Oh, a lot of info to read

, and I see, that Alice won’t be disappointed by her investments)

Jon Poole: There’s a beautiful meaning behind it also!

Mary | Satoshi Club: Thanks, guys) and we are almost done with the first part, just one question left

D| Satoshi Club:

Q6 from Telegram user @michaelaelf

If I’m interested in applying for a grant, could you tell me if there are clear conditions that I have to meet? Also, what’s the max. amount of funding that a project can ask in the application process?

Mary | Satoshi Club: Yes, she is famous now

Jon Poole:

Active Campaigns:

Token Distribution Event –

ROSE Garden https://coinlist.co/oasis

Become an Oasis Ambassador


The Oasis Community Cup

(Complete Challenges each week and earn tokens BEFORE the Oasis Network Mainnet) — https://medium.com/@oasis_foundation/the-oasis-community-cup-week-10-90e5faea1423

The Oasis Second State Community Hackathon “THE QUEST FOR ROSE”


#BlackLivesMatter Grants Program


Grants Program


Run a Node


Join the DevAccelerator


Andrew Miller | Oasis: Generally, we’re looking for projects that are looking to make a real, tangible impact in the world and change Blockchain for the better. Especially interested in DeFi projects that leverage the Oasis Network’s unique ability to support privacy-preserving compute.


Mary | Satoshi Club: A lot of programs

Jon Poole: If a project is going well, they can apply for several rounds of funding/grants

Mary | Satoshi Club: Everything for crypto genius)

Jon Poole: It’s a great time to join our community, we’re growing rapidly and spreading the word about the change that Oasis can bring!

Official social media channels

Website: https://oasisprotocol.org

Website: https://www.oasislabs.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OasisProtocol

Twitter: https://twitter.com/OasisLabs

Medium: https://medium.com/oasis-protocol-project

Medium: https://medium.com/oasislabs

GitHub: https://github.com/oasislabs

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/oasislabs/

Slack: http://www.oasisprotocol.org/slack

Discord: https://discord.gg/RwNTK8t

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC35UFPcZ2F1wjPxhPrSsESQ

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 

Official Telegram channels


: https://t.me/oasisprotocolfoundation

English speaking Community: https://t.me/oasisprotocolcommunity

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — 

Community Channels

Bangladesh: https://t.me/OasisNetworkCommunity_Bangladesh

Brazil: https://t.me/OasisNetworkCommunity_Brazil

China WeChat: https://t.me/oasisprotocolcommunity/27378

France: https://t.me/OasisNetworkCommunity_France

Germany: https://t.me/OasisNetworkCommunity_Germany

India: https://t.me/OasisNetworkCommunity_India

Indonesia: https://t.me/OasisNetworkCommunity_Indonesia

Korea: https://t.me/OasisNetworkCommunity_Korea

Nigeria: https://t.me/OasisNetworkCommunity_Nigeria

Philippine: https://t.me/OasisNetworkCommunity_Philippine

Russia: https://t.me/OasisNetworkCommunity_Russia

Singapore: https://t.me/OasisNetworkCommunity_Singapore8

Spanish Speaking Countries: https://t.me/OasisNetworkCommunity_Spanish

Turkey: https://t.me/OasisNetworkCommunity_Turkey

Vietnam: https://t.me/OasisNetworkCommunity_Vietnam

Mary | Satoshi Club: Yes, sure our members will join Oasis

And we came close to the second part

We will open the chat now for live questions from our community

Jon Poole: Ready for part 2

Mary | Satoshi Club: Let’s go



In this part, we open a chat for the crypto community for 80 seconds. Then the guests from the crypto project choose the top questions. Only 10 was rewarded.

Reward pool: $150/10 users

Q — 1 from telegram user @cengizhantekin

One of your focuses is “User Privacy”. Which users are we talking about here? Users of Oasis, or users of projects those receive service from Oasis? And how do you handle that feature?

Jon Pole: It can be both, depending on how the Paratime is built.

Andrew Miller | Oasis: We’re talking about Users of applications built on the Oasis Network. Unlike other chains, the Oasis Network is able to keep smart contract data confidential. This privacy feature, combined with the integrity of a decentralized network means users of DApps get strong guarantees that their data is kept confidential.

For example, because Oasis can support private data, DeFi apps can analyze real-world data to determine creditworthiness — allowing them to offer under-collateralized loans expanding DeFi beyond early adopters and traders to a mass market.

Q — 2 from telegram user @ouch143

Why does Oasis lab believe yield farming is not here to stay, despite being involved in DeFi?

Oasis recently announced major partnerships and projects being built on the network. Can you share some of this with us and how does it benefit the Oasis ecosystem?

Jon Pole: https://medium.com/oasis-protocol-project/defis-breakout-moment-20482017a44f

Q — 3 from telegram user @K2ice

Oasis recently announced major partnerships and projects being built on the network including a new privacy-first genome sequencing integration with Nebula Genomics where customers can own their genome data, a new CryptoSafe alliance with Binance to help combat crypto fraud, and a new Ethereum compatible compute environment built by Second State on the Oasis Network. How have these partnerships positively impacted the Oasis project and can we get links to reports on these partnerships?

Jon Pole: I posted the first two links already in here, but here is the third requested site!


They have been instrumental in showing our community we’re here to stay and working hard in the background to establish ourselves as a strong leader in Blockchain for decades to come.

Q — 4 from telegram user @Gutike95

I have really observed that they have large numbers of partners and divergencia utilities, based on them, Oasis Network seeks to build a better internet that manages to incorporate technologies never used before?

Jon Pole: Check this out!


Q — 5 from telegram user @Idee01

Oasis recently announced Oasis Quest Hackathon. How is it different from the Oasis Second State Community Hackathon recently concluded?
How can we participate and are there rewards available?

Andrew Miller | Oasis: Great question. The Oasis Quest Hackathon spans both the Ehtereum-based smart contract layer and Data Tokenization smart contract layer on the Oasis Network, whereas the Oasis Second State Hackathon just focused on our Ethereum-based smart contract Layer.

The Oasis Quest Hackathon is also on Gitcoin and will have much larger prizes with a longer development time compared to our other hackathons. It’s really the most ambitious hackathon we’ve hosted to date.

If you’d like to join sign up here! https://gitcoin.co/hackathon/oasis/onboard.

Jon Pole: For one the reward is massive


Q — 6 from telegram user @mrdellepere

Does Oasis Labs have a learning system for people who are new to this?

Andrew Miller | Oasis: We have a lot of docs which you can find here: https://docs.oasis.dev/oasis-network-primer/

Q — 7 from telegram user @Gladushka

Cаn Оаsis run corpоrаte Pаrаtimes with node launch restrictions? Cаn оnе nоde run mоre thаn 1 Раratimes?

Andrew Miller | Oasis: Yes! ParaTimes can be built to meet the needs of any use case. For example, a corporation could make its own ParaTime that only allows their approved Nodes to join, or you could build an entirely open ParaTime. It’s really up to the ParaTime Developer to decide. Regardless of the ParaTime design, the consensus layer will be a decentralized hub that all ParaTimes must report back to.

In theory, a Node could run in multiple ParaTimes, but practically you’d likely run into some issues. (e.g. the node may need to be available for two ParaTimes at the same time)

Q — 8 from telegram user @DiegoRME

I read in your latest Medium news “Binance and oasis labs teamed up to combat crypto fraud” … how do this alliance benefit OASIS LABS and the Blockchain community?

Jon Pole: This alliance will help keep hackers from being able to move their stolen assets around to offload on other exchanges. This is instrumental in providing a safer ecosystem for blockchain.

Some of the questions were banned and deleted.

Q — 9 from telegram user @ndbetting

Which ways are there to generate profit in longer-term with Oasis Protocol?

Jon Pole: Staking Incentives
Given the Oasis Network’s founding vision to become a world-class, public, permissionless blockchain platform, the contributing team at Oasis has been focused on ensuring that setting up a node is as seamless as possible for all community members. To that end, we’ve put a lot of thought into making sure our staking conditions minimize barriers to entry and encourage meaningful engagement on the network. Some key parameters include:
A number of validators to participate in the consensus committee (and receive staking rewards) at launch: 70–100. Validators will be based on the stake weight on the network.
Minimum stake: 100 tokens per entity
Selection to the consensus committee: Each entity can have at most one node elected to the consensus committee at a time.
Staking rewards: The network is targeted to reward stickers with rewards of between 2.0% to 20.0% depending on the length of time staked to provide staking services on the network. In order to be eligible for staking rewards per epoch, a node would need to sign at least 75% of blocks in that epoch.
Slashing: At the time of the Mainnet launch, the network will only slash for double-signing. The network would slash the minimum stake amount (100 tokens) and freeze the node. Freezing the node is a precaution in order to prevent the node from being over-penalized. The Network will not slash for liveness or uptime at launch.
Unbinding period: The network will have a ~14-day unbinding period. During this time, staked tokens are at risk of getting slashed for double-signing and do not accrue rewards during this time.
Consensus voting power: The current voting power mechanism is stake-weighted. This means that the consensus voting power of a validator is proportional to its stake. In this model, the network will require signatures by validators representing +2/3 of the total stake of the committee to sign a block. Note that in Tendermint, a validator’s opportunities to propose a block in the round-robin block proposer order are also proportional to its voting power.


Q — 10 from telegram user @Joseunda

Do you think that through the alliance with BINANCE you will be able to establish contacts with another exchange or more important currencies?

Jon Pole: We don’t have a very hard time connecting with exchanges, we’re a tier 1 project backed by some of the top investors the worlds ever seen

Q — 11 from telegram user @Jmagsss

Can you explain more about the Consensus layer you are using, its use-case, advantages, and benefits for the Oasis project as well as for its users?

Andrew Miller | Oasis: Sure we built a custom consensus layer that leverages the open-source Tendermint consensus mechanism as a backend. At its core, the Oasis Consensus Layer is a scalable, high-throughput, secure, proof-of-stake consensus run by a decentralized set of validator nodes. It’s designed to be lightweight and flexible, with a minimum set of features needed to support a decentralized ledger.

ParaTimes, which are computed environments, connect to the consensus layer and submit transactions.

You can read more about it here: https://docs.oasis.dev/oasis-network-primer/

Q — 12 from telegram user @ndbetting

What are ParaTime and Consensus Layer — how do they promote privacy within Oasis Protocol?

The Oasis Network is a Layer 1 decentralized blockchain network designed to be uniquely scalable, privacy-first and versatile.

The Network has two main architectural components, the Consensus Layer and the ParaTime Layer.
1. The Consensus Layer is a scalable, high-throughput, secure, proof-of-stake consensus run by a decentralized set of validator nodes.
2. The ParaTime Layer hosts many parallel runtimes (ParaTimes), each representing a replicated compute environment with shared state.


Q — 13 from telegram user @Chinthaka93

The OASIS project is still not listed on CMC or coingecko .Do you have any plans to get listed OASIS on CMC and coingecko in near future? If yes when are you planning to list OASIS? Because listing on CMC or COINGECKO is a dream for a new project entering crypto?

Jon Pole: HaHa these are based on token price, and we haven’t announced publicly what our token price will be. This will come when the time is right, and only projects who want to pump and dump focus on this as a launch marketing tool.

Q — 14 from telegram user @jpsarmah

Why do you organize Oasis State Hackathon and how many have you conducted?

Jon Pole: Community incentives are part of the crypto way, and we want to appreciate the Dev community!

Q — 15 from telegram user @nzikak

I see that there’s an ongoing registration for a hackathon on Gitcoin. What are the requirements to take part and what languages will be used? Do I need to be an experienced dev?

Jon Pole: https://gitcoin.co/hackathon/oasis/onboard

Q — 16 from telegram user @Winterkom

What system does Oasis use to protect its users’ data? Isn’t it protected with the blockchain? Or do you plan to implement a zk-snark system?

Andrew Miller: Hi @Winterkom nice to see you again!

Blockchains are inherently public, so the data stored on them can be seen by anyone. What blockchains provide is the immutability of that data — namely that the data can’t be changed without group consensus that it should be changed.

With Oasis you get not only Unchangeable data (from the blockchain), but also private data, from the use of cutting edge privacy technology called Secure Enclaves. This means data can be used by Smart Contracts and DApps without exposing the data publicly.

You can read more about our privacy technology on our docs here: https://docs.oasis.dev/oasis-network-primer/#technology-overview

Q — 17 from telegram user @chelyabinsk_crypto

How is Oasis planning to make blockchain technologies globally more and more adaptable in the future?

Jon Pole:


Q — 18 from telegram user @Arisabela

Can Oasis be part of all projects in DeFi ecosystem? Is there a group they’re specifically made for? Do you want to become global?

Jon Pole: https://medium.com/oasis-protocol-project/secure-data-tokenization-7b730357b03e

Q — 19 from telegram user @chelyabinsk_crypto

In the longer term — how does Oasis generate profits and how it can remain sustainable?

Jon Pole: See above for my staking breakdown and link!

Q — 20 from telegram user @Idee01

Oasis ROSE Garden recently went LIVE. What collateral assets can I stake to farm ROSE? What percentage of $ROSE token supply is allocated for staking rewards?

Jon Pole: Please see the events page https://coinlist.co/oasis

Q — 21 from telegram user @jerryziz91

Comparing to other similar projects — what would be the biggest advantages of Oasis? What are the use cases of ParaTime in this ecosystem?

Jon Pole: We are the first Privacy focused and scalable network in blockchain, backed by the strongest team, the strongest investors, and the largest University program in all of Blockchain. We’re the benchmark today.


Q — 22 from telegram user @Maksyrn

What API access do developers have to The Parcel SDK, and how does it help in the process?

Andrew Miller: We have an NPM package for Parcel which you can apply to get access to here: https://www.oasislabs.com/parcelsdk

The API makes it easy to secure your user’s data and provide strong privacy guarantees to your users. With parcel, your customers can control how their data is used and give them complete insight into any actions taken with their data.

Q — 23 from telegram user @Mantapkansuasana

Can you tell us some of the latest achievements made by the Oasis project & can you describe in detail the current development efforts, such as market expansion plans, expected applications & new upcoming programs of events?

Andrew Miller: We’ve recently announced major partnerships and projects being built on the network including a new privacy-first genome sequencing integration with Nebula Genomics where customers can own their genome data, a new CryptoSafe alliance with Binance to help combat crypto fraud, and a new Ethereum compatible compute environment built by Second State on the Oasis Network — allowing us to support all existing DApps on Ethereum with better performance and lower gas fees.

Here are links to each:

Part 3 — Quiz


As usual, for the third part, Satoshi Club Team asked the chat 4 questions about the crypto project. A link to a Quiz form was sent into the chat. Participants had 10 minutes to answer. 300$ was distributed between the winners.

For more details:

English Telegram group:

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Our Crypto Partner by this AMA:

website |

English speaking Community |

Announcements telegramm

| Grants Program

| Run a Node

| Join the DevAccelerator

The Oasis Second State Community Hackathon “THE QUEST FOR ROSE”

The Oasis Community Cup

(Complete Challenges each week and earn tokens BEFORE the Oasis Network Mainnet)

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