Have you ever been to a beach or wandered on a lonely forest, mountain or thunderous uplands? Have you ever discovered something that looks unusual and mystical, but despite this, you still went ahead, took custody of it, nurture it and tame it to greatness? Personally, I am yet to experience any of this, but I have heard several stories that perfectly fit situations similar to this. One of such story is that of RanZuhn.

RanZuhn, a mysterious character, was found where he was abandoned at the age of 5. But what could have made his parent abandoned him? Maybe it is because of his mysterious personality. It was observed that there is a glass part of his body which he had to always hide. But is this a germane reason to abandon an innocent young lad? I will allow you to ruminate over this and make your own judgment. For me, what matter most is that he was rescued and adopted by a caring mother who took him to a hostile Rink Mountain settlement where he grew up among nomadic tribe.

He learnt to hunt, stealthily move and fight against creatures which are mighty and bigger than him. One day, RanZuhn went for hunting as usual. On his return, he discovered that his village has been raided, set ablaze and deserted. The feeling of loneliness and abandonment resurfaced. In the midst of the ensuing chaos, he saw his best friend running towards him: ‘’ RANZUHN !! RUN !! They’re here for you! … ‘’ and fall in front of him, an arrow planted at his back. Before he could decipher what was happening, a horde of guards have already began to run towards him. Everything happened so fast and he had no option but to leave, in order to save his life. As he left, the only thought that came to his mind is VENGEANCE.

This is actually the storyline, upon which NOMADLAND (an incredible blockchain based NFT’s Action RPG and strategy game) which I will be reviewing in this project research, is based. RanZuhn is presently on a vengeance mission to avenge the devourment of his best friend and village.

As a game enthusiast, RanZuhn is hopeful that you can join in this arena fight, discover treasures in NOMADLAND and earn token along. But first, you will need to familiarize with this the various possibilities in NOMADLAND, in order to be able to battle successfully. Do not worry if you don’t know how you will do that. I am here for you and set to drive you through NOMADLAND. Without further ado, let’s set out.

1. Introduction to Nomadland


Nomadland is an Action RPG & strategy game built on Unreal Engine and it is BSC blockchain based. It is a game where players can perform various explorations on the Nomadland Island, buy land, build farms, produce mystic flames, battle epic monsters and carnivore plants. Also, players can capture and train the monsters and carnivore plants, evolve in rank and produce new weapons or armors and fight in Arena against other players.

The main character of the game is RanZuhn, who is also the PvE character for the single player part of the game. Nomadland plans to introduce 4 different characters and races which will be combined to create an interesting and explosive twist to the game layout.


The key game mechanics revolve around mystical flames, and this is the main in-game resource that player will produce in their farms. The game will be based on a level progression and a system of levels of monsters.

The game allows players to generate original approaches which they can apply as strategy. You may fix your focus on fighting monsters and carnivore plants or you may prefer the farming aspect of the game. You may even decide to combine the two. You are in charge and free to tease around with any combination that interest you. Irrespective of the play pattern preferred by a player, one thing that is sure is that you will have a chance to earn prizes in $NOMAD tokens, in this unique play-to-earn game.

Summarily, in Nomadland, players will be able to:

  • Explore Nomadland maps and discover valuable treasure
  • Buy land
  • Build farm
  • Battle Epic Monsters
  • Evolve
  • Create weapons
  • Battle against other players

2. The Nomadland Universe

Nomadland present itself as a difficult universe for players to live in and explore. This should be normal news for all gamers. After all, the essence of gameplay is to overcome difficulties and conquer challenges. You should be well prepared for the peculiar characteristics of each environment chapter you will find in the game.


There will be 4 areas beaming with dangers and elements that are opened up for your explorations within the game.

Chapter 1 — Rink Mountain:

Chapter 2 — Burnt plains

Chapter 3 — Thunderous Uplands

Chapter 4 — Boisterous Ocean

Each of these map areas are infested with dangerous creatures and invasive species. Successful players must conquer each area and exploits its plants virtue as they play the game. As you gradually discover the map, you will fight against monsters and carnivorous plants encountered. In addition each area presents players with mystical recipes which they can use to create new weapons and armors.

3. Game Assets and NFTs


NFTs are pivotal to the gaming operation in Nomadland and it will be utilized as game characters and equipable assets. The NFTs in Nomadland are not like the typical “collectible card” that litter the crypto world of today. They are regarded as functional NFTs and a player can insert them into the Game Framework and obtain special in-game items such as weapons, armors, special moves, and super powers.


There are NFT’s in shape of weapons, armors or even monsters and carnivore plants. If you intend to boost your earnings in-game, then be prepared to conquer and acquire as many NFTs as possible.


NFTs are tradable in the in-game marketplace or even in 3rd party NFT exchanges outside the game world. Apart from trading, Nomadland is preparing to introduce NFT renting feature. When this feature becomes enabled, users will be able to earn financial value for their NFTs while still retaining the ownership.

4. Own a land plot in Nomadland

Nomadland has prepared a small portion of its island, which will be divided as plots and will be offered for sale to individuals. This land offer numerous advantages and element of uniqueness within Nomadland Universe. Once a player purchase a plot of land, it becomes the property of such player and forms part of the stats shown on the player’s profile.

The numbers of plots available will be limited and you won’t want to miss out on an opportunity to be a landlord. As at the time of writing this review, the sale of land is yet to be done. You may need to follow Nomaland communities for updates in order not to miss out. You may be eager to ask; Why should I own a land plot in NomadLand? The answer is simple.

– Privilege access to the advice of captains who regularly participate in discussions related to the evolution of the game, and may have a word in future developments and updates brought by the technical team.

– Access to customization and increase production speed of farm

– Depending on the number of lands owned, you will be entitled to higher prizes with a certain percentage in the fights won against other players

– Special events and contests with substantial prizes organized for landowners. The only entry ticket is a plot of land

– Plots of lands can be bought and sold at a higher price in the marketplace.

5. Gameplay Mechanics and Design

In order to start the game, a player will need to first set up his public profile. Your public profile is customizable and it displays information such as level in the game, number of defeated and captured monsters, number of defeated or captured carnivorous plants, battles with other players and past game results, owned land and NFTs. You can show off your achievements and trophies loads on your profile, hence, the need to be well prepared in order to have an intimidating profile.

After setting up a profile, you can start to explore the game map for free. As you begin your journey, you will encounter monsters and carnivorous plants which you will be required to defeat and collect as many mystical flames as much as possible.


These mystical flames is needed to build and continuously upgrade your farm where you can grow and domesticate plants. You will need them to create new weapons, armor and for continuous development of your farm.


You will need to always protect your farm against hard climate and other player’s attacks. Aside from the play versus environment setting, there will be a player vs player arena fight where the player that lose the fight lose a part of his army including captured monsters and plants and the winning player takes all the reward. If you think that your army is daunting enough, you can proceed to challenge the armies of other players for a fight which will take place in the arena. The winner receives the prize offered and also increases in score.


If you lose, your army will be completely destroyed and will have to restart the process of forming a new army afresh. Hence, be sure that your army is well formed at all time if you wish to be a long term champion in Nomadland.

The game is expected to be released for public access in Q2/2022. In addition to the already released game play, there are plans for future upgrades which will bring new character, new missions in the game, thereby making the game continuously interesting for players even after a long period of time playing the game. I will admonish you to keep in touch in their communities in order to be informed when the time arises.

6. Fair Play and Game Transparency

Gamers are often concerned with game transparency, rules and bot manipulations. This concerns have been well addressed in Nomadland. Apart from the fact that the game is built on blockchain transparent environment powered by Binance Smart Chain, the game built is done using unreal using unique game security mechanics of the Unreal Engine. This will make it impracticable to use bots.

Audit verification, game policy and other in-game rules are in the pipeline and they will be released for players to familiarize with, prior to full game release.

7. Tokenomics and Token Utilities

The native token of Nomadland is $NOMAD, a BEP-20 token that has a supply of 100,000,000. The speed and low fees of Bianace Smart Chain will enable users to cheaply send this token from one wallet to another with less hassle.


The primary use of the $NOMAD is to serve as the native in-game currency of the Nomadland island. The currency is used to purchase and swap for NFTs such as weapons, armours, special moves, in-game and outside the game world. Also, players can list their NFTs for sale and swap them for the Nomadland native token.


$NOMAD can be obtained in-game in the following ways:

– players get rewards in NOMAD tokens by getting higher game ranking

– farming allows players to produce resources which can be sold to other players at the market place, allowing then to win Nomad tokens

– staking $NOMAD token gives direct benefits of NOMAD token asrewards

– trading of Land or NFT’s for profits in the marketplace.

To ensure that the token is kept deflationary, part of fees from the trading in the in-game marketplace will be used to burn NOMAD, and this will in turn helps to create scarcity.

8. Partners

The ability to seal reliable partnerships and support can help a project to succeed or survive, most especially during its nascent lives when is still grappling to find its survival footing. Nomaland has established partnership with some renowned household names in the crypto industry.


The project was incubated by Exnetwork Capital and it has announced several other strategic partnerships which are all meant to deliver quality to users, gamers or other category of investor.

9. Conclusion

Nomadland is a RPG and strategy themed games that has numerous intertwined features which are player centered. The game has presented numerous opportunities that allow gamers to apply their individual strategies and skills set in exploring game maps, discover game assets, evolve and earn money in NOMAD token. You can even acquire land, take advantage of the farming aspect of the game and start producing various carnivorous plants which are tradable in marketplace. It definitely worth keeping tab on, and I admonish you to keep foolowing up on this game in order not to miss out on vital information and early opportunities as soon as the game is publicly available. It definitely worth your time.

10. Social Channels

NomadLand’s Website

NomadLand’s Twitter


NomadLand’s Telegram

NomadLands’s Youtube

NomadLand’s Discord

NomadLand’s Facebook

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